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January 31, 2019
While HUD was closed during the government shutdown, the effects reverberated throughout the country. Services like processing and investigating discrimination claims were stalled, leaving locally-based organizations unable to help some of their most vulnerable clients. (Mother Jones)
"In the US, where homeownership makes all the difference in terms of social and class mobility, African Americans’ fraught access to this asset has put black families at a permanent disadvantage." (The Guardian)
In a station with no elevator, 22-year-old Malaysia Goodson fell after trying to carry her baby stroller down a flight of stairs. She did not survive the fall. The inaccessibility of New York's subway system is dangerous for parents, the elderly, and the disability community alike. (New York Times, paywall)
"People with disabilities constitute 20 percent of the world’s population. And still, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft behave as though we are a minority undeserving of them instead of the customers keeping them afloat." (Rooted in Rights)
The Disability Integration Act was reintroduced by Congress this year. The bipartisan bill would strengthen the ability of seniors and people with disabilities to choose home- and community-based services as an alternative to institutionalization. (Truthout)
Despite their vulnerability to climate change, people with disabilities often aren’t involved with climate change-related policy making. But in reality, the needs of people with disabilities are not an impediment to good planet care. They’re essential to it. (Yes! Magazine)
When it comes to LGBTQ workplace protections, the legal landscape involves a patchwork of state laws, court rulings, conflicting federal guidance and religious exemptions. (NBC News)
Most immigration law enforcement agents are not trained to speak any indigenous dialects, which makes migrants in custody who speak indigenous languages less likely to receive needed medical care. (ThinkProgress)
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