Dear Friends,

After a flurry of actions by Governor Evers and the courts, I wanted to give you a brief update on where we stand.

The polls are open. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Governor Tony Evers could not legally stop the April 7th election. You will be able to vote at your local polling place until 8:00 pm tonight.

Also the United States Supreme Court ruled that absentee ballots must be postmarked today So if you haven't returned your absentee ballot yet, please get it in the mail or drop it off at your clerk's office.

I understand and respect that many people have concerns over holding an election right now. Our clerks are doing a fantastic job making sure our polling places are as safe as possible.

If you go to the polls, please take extra precautions. I encourage you to wear a mask, bring a black ink or felt pen (not sharpie), maintain a safe distance from others, and to be patient.

Don't forget, on my website you can find helpful links and more information to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

On, Wisconsin!