If you're reading this now, it is due to your literacy skills. Imagine: if you couldn't read things on the Internet, you would be left behind in this modern world. Unfortunately, that is what the future holds for many children in Michigan.

Currently, Michigan ranks 35th out of the 50 states in literacy.

On average, in the 9 counties we serve in Lower Northwestern Michigan, 42-65% of the children weren't proficient in third-grade state reading tests in 2017-18. You can help children increase their access to literacy by becoming a PoWeR! Pal.

PoWeR! Pals support the mission of PoWeR! Book Bags: Empowering children to play, write, and read today for a better tomorrow! We give books, writing materials, a puppet, and book bags to children at food and baby pantries, as well as at participating schools prior to school vacations. Our goal is to provide a steady stream of literacy tools and experiences to equip children for literate success in life.

Please join us in our quest to help every child in Michigan succeed in life.

To become a PoWeR! Pal, click on one of the buttons at the bottom of this email. One sends you directly to our website's donation page. The other leads to a printable form, if you prefer to send a check by snail mail.

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When you become a PoWeR! Pal, we will send you this sticker. You can put it on your laptop or car and proudly show the world that you are making it a better place, one book at a time!