April 3, 2018

In 1974 when I lived in New Hampshire with my then to be husband, we saw several UFOs. It was a summer night in July so we went out on the deck to watch the display. The warp speed zigging and zagging in sharp diagonals was mind-blowing. Then when one or more of the "crafts" divided into more "crafts," it became almost unbelievable.

New Hampshire is the place where Betty and Barney Hill were abducted by aliens in the '60s. Newspaper reports around the state reported our sightings, seen by thousands of people, reported by hundreds.

During last deer hunting season here in northwestern Wisconsin, my was-band, saw a UFO hovering over a tree line after the sun had set. It caught his attention when a bright light flashed across his windshield. It all happened very fast and he did not stop because he needed to get to the deer processing shop before it closed.

I contemplate if the number of alien-oriented TV shows might not be preparing us for the acceptance of other life forms. Using mass media, particularly TV, is an effective way to reduce fear and trauma about a future coming event related to encounters with alien beings, either on this planet or in outer space travels. I pray we have the wisdom to know how to act and don't start shooting first and ask questions later.

Lynn LaFroth, editor
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Apr 13: Spiritual Discussion on Conquering Fear

When love is on the field, fear must retreat. This discussion will share ways to conquer fear in this high-paced, high-stress world. 7:00 -7:45 p.m. Friday, April 13. Join us for this discussion. Bring your questions and share if you like.  People of all faiths and beliefs are welcome. Temple of ECK, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Presented by the Minnesota Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR--The Path of Spiritual Freedom.  Eckankar-mn.org.  For more information call Jennifer at 952-368-2863.
Apr 21: Connecting with Your Spirit Guides, Jurema Silva
1-2:30 pm, Fargo Holistic Expo. Another fascinating lecture from highly respected psy chic/medium and inspirational speaker, Jurema Silva. She will talk about Spirit Guides as a first-time Fargo keynote speaker. Jurema will share her incredible expertise on how to use intuition to connect, listen and receive messages from Guides. Learn who they are, their purpose and why they influence all aspects of your life. Spirit Guides lecture was a huge success at the Minneapolis Holistic Expo last fall. Discount Tickets>>
Apr 21-22: Fargo Holistic Expo
Fargo Civic Center, Saturday 10 - 6, Sunday 10 - 5. Featuring Keynote Speakers: Healer Dr. John Schellenberg , Psychic Medium Jurema Silva, Military Medium Dean McMurray, Intuitive Chanda Parkinson, Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day who is also offering a Monday Workshop.  Come Early! Free 9:00 am speakers: Saturday, Kayla Michaele with Chris Herzog & on Sunday: the Intutive Rev. Kev.   65 exhibitors include intuitive readers, holistic healers, aura photos, stones/crystals and more! 36 free workshops. To exhibit: dee@edgelife.net. Tickets: http://edgelife.net/fargo-holistic-expo/tickets-speakers-fargo-expo/
April/May: Bob Fickes Offerings
Open your Divine Heart to Universal Love as Bob Fickes, Eternal Love Meditation program creator and teacher, presents two exciting opportunities for accelerated spiritual growth in the Twin Cities: the Love Mantra Seminar & Activation:
Apr 28-29, 10am-6pm ($300) at the Marriott Courtyard in Bloomington; and Private Appointments for a reading or channeling Apr 30- May 4 ($175 - call for location and booking). For more information contact Jean Wallis at 612.874.1453, jeanwallis@earthlink.net or go to www.bob-fickes.com
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EDITOR: Lynn LaFroth