The real cost of ESD flooring
The price of ESD flooring goes far beyond the sticker price and square footage. The variables include:

  • Installation – Depends on whether you do this yourself or hire an installer. Many companies choose our interlocking products because they can install the flooring themselves.
  • Downtime value – Will installing new flooring mean you have to shutdown for any length of time. The value of that time should be considering when pricing flooring products. An epoxy that requires two weeks downtime might not be a favorable price-wise as one of our interlocking products. Many of our clients have installed new flooring over existing flooring without having to stop production.
  • Ongoing maintenance – Will your ESD need more than regular maintenance to retain the static charge qualities? Some floors require more than others and that can add greatly to the cost of the flooring in manhours and cleaning supplies.
  • Worker comfort – You will not find this in the price of any flooring. Yet purchasing a comfortable surface leads to a reduction in work-related conditions (e.g. plantar fasciitis), leading to fewer sick days and worker’s comp claims, as well as improved retention and increased productivity.

In future enewsletters, we will cover other variables that must be in factored into the real cost of ESD flooring.
ESD flooring webinars
In June, SelecTech will host additional sessions of Introduction to ESD Flooring and 50 Shades of Green Flooring. There is NO charge to attend these hour-long sessions

Introduction to ESD Flooring will be held on two Fridays---June 19 and June 26--at 9am EST. There will be an afternoon session on Friday, June 12 at 3pm.
50 Shades of Green Flooring will take place on three Wednesdays at 10 am on June June 10 and June 17. An afternoon session will be held on Wedne June 24 at 3pm EST. 

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has certified both courses. If you are an AIA members, you can can earn Learning Unit credits for attending and you will be provided a certificate of completion for each course you attend.

You do not have to be an AIA member to attend. IDCEC members can also earn credits by attending.
The knowledge obtained in these courses will allow you to be more informed than your competition and a greater resource for your clients and prospects!
If you would like to attend, please contact SelecTech's Director of Sales Joe Berkotwitz at 617-875-6669 or . If these days and times do not work and you have more than one person from your firm who would like to attend, we can schedule a special session for your company. 

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