News and Notes from Downtown Amarillo

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a wild start to 2016 and we realize that we've been a little quiet the last few months. The truth is, we've been busy reinventing how we approach the idea of art in our region. 

PAH has always been a work in progress. We take the same approach to this business as we do to a traditional studio practice. We have ideas, we try them out, we see what impact we make, we evaluate, and ideally we make progress. You will be seeing some interesting changes over the next few months. We think it will be for the betterment of all art lovers and we hope you will agree. 

All that said, we have two openings coming up this month. The first, on April 16th, will be at the Palace Coffee in Canyon. We are very excited to bring a new body of experimental work from frequent collaborator Rachael Edwards. Her new show is part of a larger series called "Outside In...". We love to present this kind of work as part of our pop-up gallery series.

Our next show is a bit edgy. We love edgy. PAH is proud to be teaming up with local and national artists as part of a weekend event celebrating street art. On April 23rd we will be hosting a show of street/graffiti/tattoo art! We are huge fans of art that occupies the the non-traditional spaces of the world. This show will bring a large and varied contingent of artists to the walls showcasing the ever expanding possibilities of what art can be. 

Both of our upcoming shows are filled with works by artists seeking to expand an ongoing dialogue about what are is and where it should live. This is a dialogue we couldn't support more. 

That covers April. Coming up in May we are bringing two of the most prolific and long standing artists of our region to the walls of PAH. We will send out more information soon, but mark May 13th on your calendars for a two man show featuring Scott Hyde and Lightnin' McDuff. It's going to be one incredible night!

We going back on our regularly scheduled bimonthly newsletter, so keep your eyes on the inbox! Thank you all for all that you do for Art in Amarillo. 

Jacob, Rhoda, and Morgan 
PAH Founding Family and Facilitators of Good Conversations

Get down to Canyon on April 16th to see a new body of works from Rachael Edwards. Every piece Rachael creates is telling a story. When you see all of these stories in one location you get a real sense of the powerful nature of her work and the importance of her ongoing dialogue. 

PAH is hosting the gallery show element of the upcoming Bomb City Jam! Come see the work of these talented creatives! We will put out the flyer with updated locations and times for the other events, but you know on the 23rd you can come to PAH and see these works on our walls at Process. 
"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science." 
-Albert Einstein

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