The responsibility for making a “healthy home” rests both with the landlord and the tenant, but when communication is disrupted, an unhealthy home can result. We discuss some potential pitfalls and touch on proactive housing inspection programs that aim to solve habitability issues before they are enlarged in our latest article

Some of you may be fatigued by our repeated invitations over the years to join us at the Fort Mason Center, but we promise to break the monotony and offer fresh information in a September 17th event - you can register here .

There is no shortage of updates to cover, including San Francisco’s Community Opportunity to Purchase Act, a subject we were invited to chime in on in this recorded webinar

Finally, we roll out a new section of our website we dub “The Rundown,” a micro blog that discusses legal developments in an easily digestible fashion.

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At the end of the day, rental property owners, real estate professionals, Bornstein Law and our property management arm, Bay Property Group , are in the same business. It boils down to managing relationships. Some are more difficult to manage than others.

After being inserted into thousands of problematic landlord-tenant relationships, the underlying cause in a staggering number of problematic cases is a lack of communication in many forms. Inspections of the rental property, or lack thereof, can serve as a perfect nest for this insidious miscommunication.

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I n addition to our standard talk on eviction and rent controls, owner and relative move-in evictions, tenant buyouts and the like, we cover San Francisco's Community Opportunity to Purchase Act (COPA), a law that will add layers of complexity to the sale of multi-unit buildings. Also on tap is a summary of state laws that impact rental housing providers.

Daniel Bornstein was asked to translate what the newly minted law means for buyers, sellers and brokers alike. Get his takes and predictions here.
The Rundown for Rental Housing Providers
In this new section of our website, we discuss the latest legal news in an easily digestible fashion.

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