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November 2014  


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Dear Friends,

This may seem a bit off topic, for McDonald Physical Therapy (MPT), but if we claim to educate all patients to live stronger everyday lives, it is important information for everyone.

Yesterday, a patient informed me that I should think about going to the Mayo Clinic for a prostate problem. She informed me that there was no better place. As she tried to educate me, she also informed me that the latest 3D Mammography testing is cutting edge. It can spot the smallest breast cancer cells and save many more lives than the standard mammography. 

This information didn't mean much to me since I thought she was continuing to promote the Mayo Clinic. Much to my surprise, she told me that we have this machine in our area? I was shocked! She shared with me that it is being used at the Paqui and Brian Kelly Comprehensive Breast Center at Saint Joseph Medical Center. It was at that moment that she got my full attention. It was at that moment that I began to wonder how significant this machine might be for the women in our community.

Since I have 7 sisters and I have been surrounded (86% of MPT employees are women) by women most of my life, I took the time to look into the benefits of this new technology. I found studies from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which states that there is a 41% increase in detection of invasive cancer from the standard mammography.This new 3D Mammography, if performed annually on all women could detect cancer in stages 0-1. In doing so, studies show that 100% of these women would be saved.

I am, as always, thankful for all of the patients that come in to our clinic. Most times, we hope to listen to them, examine their physical injuries and assist them in their healing process. At this time, as Thanksgiving draws near, I would like to thank our patients, and especially this patient, for educating me about a new technology in our town that will upgrade our medical care and save lives in the process.

Thanks for thinking of McDonald Physical Therapy as your family physical therapy provider. Our mission is to help everyone in our community regain their ability to move and function at their greatest capability.





Physical Activities for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving festivities often center around eating mass quantities of food. Even people who typically watch their diet throughout the rest of the year may be tempted to overindulge on Thanksgiving. To balance the effects of abundant food combined with sedentary activities like watching football games and televised parades, incorporate some physical activity into your Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Organized Activities

  • Many cities nationwide host a Thanksgiving Day running race. These events, sometimes called a Turkey Trot, are typically races or marathons of varying distances that take place early in the day before most people eat dinner. Put on your running shoes and burn off some extra calories before diving into your holiday meal. Alternatively, volunteer to help cook and serve dinner at a community homeless shelter on Thanksgiving. While not as fast-paced as a marathon, you'll still spend hours on your feet and have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping others.

Impromptu Activities

  • When the family gathers at your house, dig your football out of the garage, divide into teams and head out into the yard for a game of touch football. Play to win, work up an appetite and make the losers do the dishes after dinner. Engage in a Thanksgiving Day scavenger hunt. Create a list of items commonly found in nature during the fall. Require the winning team to bring back leaves of varying colors and varieties, pinecones, acorns, Indian corn and a pumpkin.

Outdoor Activities

  • There's nothing like the smell and feel of the fresh, cool air in the autumn. Take a long walk through the woods or the neighborhood, kicking up piles of leaves like you did as a kid and enjoying the sights and sounds of the season. Embrace an idea offered by the American Dietetic Association and have a "gourd hunt" in the backyard. Hide several small gourds or miniature pumpkins and let the kids and adults see who can find the most.

Indoor Activities

  • If the weather is too cold or rainy for outdoor activities, put on some music and dance the night away in the house. Play music that appeals to young and old, roll back the carpets, push the furniture aside and take that special someone for a twirl around the floor. When you know you'll be too full to perform your usual evening workout, arise early and use your exercise equipment to get your blood pumping before you start cooking. You'll be surprised at how much more energy you have to meet the challenges of the day.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends! 


+courtesy of Amie Taylor, Ehow.com



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