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helmet-goggles September 8, 2017

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town
A word about "Dawn Flight".  As many followers of The Tailwheeler's Journal may know, back in 1975 my brother, Lawrence Lansburgh, and I were nominated for an Academy Award for our film, Dawn Flight.  It was the story of a glider
During the filming of "Dawn Flight", Lawrence (L) and Brian discuss a shot while John Randall adjusts the counter weight on the crane.

pilot.  Since then, I have offered copies of the film, including special features and a filmmaker's version explaining how various shots were done.  Although the quality of the film itself has become a bit degraded with time, this version is pretty damned good and does include a missing scene that can't be found in other versions.  For this and a few other reasons, I find it appropriate to warn people that the version that you can buy on Amazon or the one you can view on Youtube are simply not the same.  The version that is available from the Tailwheeler's Journal and from Cumulus Soaring is the ONLY version which includes the special features.  Now you know.
It's been an interesting two weeks, made all the better for the skilled pilots of natural abilty who I have had the honor to work with.  Bob Bronson earned his Tailwheel Endorsement by demonstrating just that kind of skill.  It was a pleasure.  The smoke from the fires ringing our area only made our flights more challenging with the ceiling and visibility remaining barely VFR.  Those conditions made the "poor man's VASI" that much more valuable when we returned to Sisters.

My old pal, Prescott Rice has been stopping by for a bit of
Brian and Prescott in "Clyde".
tailwheel training, which has been made more fun by his talent.  Bert Garrison and I discovered that Prescott was really talented when we cast him as a cowboy in a video we produced a while back  But it's apparent that his flying skills are just as good!
Last Thursday was an interesting day.  Claudia Childs arrived for her Tailwheel Endorsement course as a scholarship winner from Ladies Love Taildraggers.  The smoke in Central Oregon was pretty bad, but we managed the important first session of taxiing and also got her hand propping like a pro.  

At the end of the day I was very pleasantly surprised by a visit from the Pankonins.  Steve and Joan were on their way back from points north and we had a great visit.  I should see these folks more!  For more about their contributions to aviation, check out their website at stevesaircraft.com.
Claudia in "Clyde".

Claudia finally got to fly in much improved visibility today and did a great job.  Many thanks to Ladies Love Taildraggers for  consistently sending such talented applicants!

New Article on the site:

As promised, I'm posting the second of two articles about landing. 

"Swoop, Sink and Plant, or the Wheel Landing" is the second article and shares my thoughts about this oft-unpracticed but extremely useful landing technique.  I've added  a third article about "The Dreaded Bounce" and how to fix it.  These articles are now on the site.
Old Article:

I think I might have called the takeoff "The Rodney Dangerfield of maneuvers".  I've often felt that the takeoff didn't get the respect it deserves and this article may crystallize some of those thoughts.  See what you think about  "#45, The takeoff roll."  




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