February, 2015
  • Snow Flakes
  • Full Egypt Itinerary: Now Ready!
  • Mt Shasta: OM TIMES E-NEWS
  • The Seeds in Soul set new records
  • February Message from the Angels, Lee Cook
Gliding through the quiet blanket of soft snow, the trail winds its way past tall pines that salute us as we go. In their long pine needles, they are catching as many snow flakes as they can. There are millions and millions of snow flakes falling. Skiing along gives one time to wonder, where do all these snowflakes come from?

We know that each one is a unique crystal and that crystals contain infinite amounts of information. Could the snowflakes be sent from the stars, by our ancestors? Like Wordsworth says, about the host of golden daffodils, the same can be said about snow flakes: "Continous as the stars that shine, And twinkle on the Milky Way": there is a never ending supply of both the stars and the snow flakes.  Are these perfect crystals actually cosmic messages, imprinted with information from the Universe? 

There is always a fresh, new light after it snows; it seems that a purity spreads itself across the landscape. We recognize a wonderful, magical miracle after a beautiful snowfall. Perhaps one of the blessings of the winter season is that each new snow flake arriving on Earth actually comes programmed directly from the Cosmos and is filled with a plan for renewed Light and Love to benefit Humankind and all of our Gaia, where the snow gently comes down to rest.
Itinerary for Egypt Finalized!
October 11 - 25, 2015

Our Journey to Egypt is being led by Crotalo Sesamo, the World Ambassador from Damanhur. Damanhur is the underground Temple City in Italy, known as the 8th Wonder of the Modern World. At age 17, Crotalo helped to dig by hand, along with the rest of the community, this underground city. That community is now recognized by the United Nations as a model of sustainability. Among other things, Crotalo assisted in installing  the sacred geometry that empowers the Temples. See pictures of the Temples. Crotalo is now a master teacher of many courses, including Ancient Civilizations, Astral Travel, and Meditation Techniques, as well as being an effective Healer. He travels all over the world offering the inspiring information that comes from the City of Damanhur.


Crotalo has taken many clients through Egypt and experienced transformational shifts both personally and with his groups of people. This is because he understands how to unlock the codes of sacred information stored in the Temples and in the Pyramids. If you would like the opportunity to experience a truly valuable spiritual awakening, this is the pilgrimage for you.


Aside from visiting all the important Temples and Pyramids, we will go to museums, both in Cairo and in Luxor. One of the most enticing aspects of the trip is that we will spend our days traveling in luxury down the River Nile on a private yacht. The lands along the Nile are rich with plant and bird life; rural farmers work the land by hand and it is absolutely lovely to travel along these shores. With our yacht, we will be able to pull into little islands and visit places that few people ever see.


Highlights of the Journey Include

  • A private visit to the Sphinx at Dawn.
  • A morning river trip to the Temple of Isis; private ceremony within.
  • Private visit to Abu Sir & Abu Ghurab
  • Entrance to the Queen's Chamber inside the Great Pyramid and
  • Private time: Meditation, led by Crotalo inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid
Also Included: Sacred Sites & Secret Science at:

Giza Pyramids / Sehkmet / Sakkara / Dahshour / Abu Sir / Abu Ghurab / Egyptian Museum / Luxor Temple / Isis Temple / Karnak Temple / Aswan / Luxor / King Tut Treasures / Edfu / Kom Ombo / Dendarah / Abydos / Red Pyramid / Bent Pyramid

See our amazing



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There is tremendous international interest in this journey.

Questions??? Call Kristina 720-217-1829;  email

Mt Shasta: Om Times E-NEWS!
Join Us: July 29 - Aug 2, 2015
Adventurous Spirit Travel goes to Mt Shasta
 July 29- August 2, 2015
The article called 

 was published in Om Times E-News on Feb 15, 2015! You can read it HERE


Since there is widespread distribution of the magazine, and the article mentions our journey, there is a lot of interest in this trip. We are limiting it to 20 people so that each one can have a valuable experience and the best participation possible.


If you would like to join us, email soon so that you can Register Now!

Mt Shasta is a phenomenal place that most people have heard of, but few have visited. The massive volcanic mountain erupts out of the towering pines of the pristine Shasta Trinity National Forest in Northern California. It has been considered a sacred 

place since the beginning of time. Visiting there is like taking a pilgrimage to a vast outdoor cathedral. Similar to the wonderful lenticular clouds that often cloak the summit, the mountain itself is shrouded in legends and stories that create a mystique for the entire area. 

There are countless secrets that abound in Mt Shasta and they can only be discovered by actually being there on the mountain. Reading about such a place can be no substitute for the direct experience of the wild, universal life force energy, colorful meadow flowers, cleansing mists of the waterfalls, sparkling spring waters, the deep blue sky traversed by clouds full of messages, and the glistening white snow fields of Mt Shasta.

Join our Journey this Summer, 2015 

for 5 days of immersion into the energies of the Mountain!

ONLY $570.00

More info Here

SOUL SEEDS: set new records

SOUL: A Revolutionary Product made from the foundational energy of Seeds, which create New LIFE!

D-RIBOSE (Rejuvenates the heart) 

Because it brings your body back to pure health, 
by way of optimal nutrition:

* SOUL has helped me to lose weight because my body is fully nourished, and so I don't crave those empty calories anymore!: Nancy T; Former model, Boulder, Co
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* Now I can SLEEP!! Much more energy!!: Mary Z; Hydro-Colon Therapist, Colorado.

 1) Soul contains the Essential Fatty Acids that actually have the positive effect of moving BAD OILS OUT AND GOOD OILS IN TO YOUR BODY. These oils are fresh, (not rancid) and from Organic, non GMO seeds. (NO FISH OILS!!)

2) The Black Seed in SOUL has been proven to reduce inflammation by 281% more than aspirin can do. Inflammation is the primary cause of disease!

3) In Soul, there are 4 separate ingredients that have been proven to
reduce your chances of getting CANCER (something that has been projected to be a huge issue for many people within the next years.)

4)  SOUL provides your body with Antioxidants that can be  assimilated by your body and they address all 5 types of Free Radicals! This is a new record, according to Independent testing that was done at Brunswick Labs. Check to see: Do your antioxidants provide this level of protection?
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Angel Message for February 2015
Through Lee Cook

Beloved Ones,

Spirit is a spark of Divine Presence within you. It is a gift to you while you inhabit your physical body during your Earthly experience. This spirit is not of you, but it is for you to enjoy. It is like a bird with wings that help it to fly. You too have the presence of a spirit that rests within your own being, giving you wings to fly to places of great peace, tranquility, wisdom, and love.

Spirit is an alive presence, like a radiant  golden key, that can open doors to greater understanding of your own connection to the infinite source of God. Each moment is an opportunity to attune to the infinite Divine Presence through your own breath. Know that your breath is a reminder of the Spirit that is present and that resides within you. 

Enjoy your connection to Spirit, it is like a bird that is nestled within your tree of life. Listen and you will hear it singing its song of happiness and joy.

with love,
The Angels

Thank You, Until Next Time


"I have ready access to a power beyond my wildest imagination."


- Jonathan Lockwood Huie




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