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The shock lab workers don’t feel     
SelecTech has presented and exhibited at several lab conferences recently, The number one issue brought up by attendees is ESD control for labs.
For starters, a 100-volt charge in a lab or healthcare setting can:
  • Damage expensive electronic equipment
  • Destroy crucial test results
  • Compromise important patient data
  • Impact patient care

Just to give you some perspective, a carpet shock represents 3,000 volts or more of static electricity. While that shock surprises you a bit, it does no real damage. You can’t say the same for a 100-volt charge that takes place in a lab setting.
SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli is an expert on static control and ESD flooring. He is also chairman of the committee formed by the ESD Association ( to write ESD guidelines for lab and healthcare settings.
We can offer you expert advice and customized flooring solutions to control ESD in your lab. For more info, drop a line or call 508-583-3200.
Stony Brook University, NY
New labs in older buildings. That’s the story of a recent install at Stony Brook University.

The university chose our FreeStyle BioLock product for a new 1100-square-foot earth science lab in an existing building on campus. Stony Brook made its flooring choice based on several factors:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Portability – with our patented interlocking tiles, the floor could be reconfigured moved should the lab expand or moved to another room or building.
  • Removing the existing floor – Installing over the current flooring with our interlocking tiles addressed the University’s concerns about cost and remediation.

This represented the first of several at the school, all utilizing our BioLock product.

Does your facility have a new lab planned? Or do you have an existing lab that’s flooring needs an upgrade? Give us a 508-583-3200.
Flexible Labs
A flexible lab allows industries to configure, and reconfigure their laboratory environment to keep pace with the ever-changing innovations of the world. SelecTech’s interlocking flooring system provides the perfect solution when the need for change, or replacement of a flooring system is a necessity.

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