IDW2021 Recap and Next Steps

Thank you for journeying with us throughout #IDW2021. We have appreciated your prayer and reflection throughout this week, which has seen us reflect on how we, and the Global Church,  can continue to be salt, light, and leaven in our communities and society at large. 

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Our theme of #leaveninthedough allowed us to root ourselves in Jesus’ description of the Kingdom of God and consider how our steps of obedience with Jesus can contribute to the multiplying effect of the Kingdom in multiple areas of society. Integral development allows for all people to rejoice in the resources God has given them, and trust that the use of those resources can affect change in the area of investment, and community transformation more broadly.  

Leaders of the AEM church in Gens De Nantes, Haiti have generously invested in their community through education and health care. Now, their vision of investing in a thriving community includes integrating addressing food insecurity in their holistic care of families. Their belief in these types of investments is based in a larger story of demonstrating the Good News of Jesus and HIs heart for holistic transformation of families and their community environment. 

We celebrate how the Ethiopia Kale Heywet Church and its development commission have taken a posture of facilitating the empowerment of churches and community members to discover their untapped potential and the resources God has given them. We rejoice in how this process has empowered previously vulnerable individuals and has had unintended effects including the multiplying of churches in the Kucha region. 

SARA ministries in Nepal continues to disciple individuals in their journey with Jesus to respond to community needs. We are encouraged by the way in which they have a vision for serving where they are, always prepared to give an answer for the reason they hope and serve (1 Peter 3: 15-16). During Covid-19, this has included helping over 200 people in 50 households. Their discipleship on mission to others is inspiring. 

As these global partners have been activated to demonstrate God’s heart for holistic transformation in individuals, families, and communities, may we continue to think about what this might mean for our own journey. How can we invest ourselves in community initiatives for holistic transformation? As we demonstrate His heart and His kingdom wherever we go, may we be encouraged that the small steps are substantial. 

In that spirit, what might be your next right step? World Partners would be privileged to journey with as you consider how God might be nudging you and those around you.

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