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Survey Results Are In!
Myanmar Pastors Requesting  More Training 

MBC pastors attending Spirit-Led Leader workshop in May

In 2017, 12 Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) students, under my supervision, traveled throughout the country to interview 105 Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC) pastors. The leaders interviewed were from  12 different ethnic groups in 10 different geographical locations (Bago, Chin State, East Shan State, Kachin State, Kayin State, Mandalay, Northern Shan State, Wa, Yangon). 
Geographical locations where we conducted  interviews with pastors 

Research goals:
  1. To better understand the spiritual vitality and needs of Christian leaders (pastors) in Myanmar
  2. To collect ideas for potentially helpful seminars, workshops, and other resources to strengthen their relationships with God and spiritual vitality.
We found that there were many different needs and views, but some responses appeared frequently. 
* Personal prayer and Scripture reading were two of the biggest helps to pastors, but many pastors have little time for their own spiritual life.
* Many pastors feel overwhelmed with or ill-equipped to handle their responsibilities and the many needs of their congregants.
* Many pastors do not have access to training, resources, or mentoring. They are willing to serve Christ at great personal sacrifice, but they often feel alone, tired, and weak physically.

Question 12 of the 13 interview question was this:  What kind of training, workshop, support, or other resource would help you to develop or strengthen your relationship with God and ability to serve as a spiritual leader in your ministry role?
Spiritual Promotion/Coaching/Leadership Training
Bible Teaching/ Bible Interpretation/ Contextual Bible Reading
Church Leadership or Management/ Pastoral Administration/ Leadership Development
Experience Sharing/ Minister Fellowship
Christian Doctrines / Faith/ Baptist Beliefs and Bible
Mission and Evangelism
Theological Education/Forum/Seminar
Pastor Retreat/ Excursion Trip
Theological/ Spiritual Resources

Faith, Hope, and Love conducted this survey on our own initiative as a service to the Myanmar Baptist Convention and to help us understand better the needs of those we are serving. As you may have noticed, the top three requests for help from the pastors fit very well what Faith, Hope, and Love Global offers regularly through our workshops, teaching, and written books and resources. This is very encouraging and motivating. Please pray that God will open more doors for collaboration with MBC leaders and institutions to provide highly needed and desired services to as many pastors and leaders as possible in the months and years ahead. 

Thank you for your love and concern for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar, and for partnering with us in helping to develop Christian leaders globally.  

Gratefully, in Christ's service,

Rev. Timothy C. Geoffrion, Ph.D., D.D.
President and Teaching Minister
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Day Spirit-Led Leadership Training Workshop
Myanmar Baptist Convention Directors
May 7th-9th, 2018


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