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December 10, 2015


"I am nobody, I am a small rope, a tiny ladder, the tail end, a leaf. "

-St. Juan Diego, whose feast day was yesterday
St. Juan Diego, patron of indigenous people, pray for us!

A Closer Look at Women in Ag
Women make up 30% of all farm operators in America, but their role in a sustainable future for agriculture is often overlooked. In our Fall 2015 magazine, CRL took an in-depth look at women in ag, celebrating their contributions while also exploring how the "feminine genius" leaves its mark on farming and ranching.

This article fits into the magazine's broader theme, "Rural Women: The Feminine Genius in the Countryside." You can view a digital version of the entire magazine online and you can purchase it in our CRL store; a CRL magazine subscription makes a great Christmas gift for the rural enthusiast in your life!
Steps Forward After Climate Conference
The international conference on climate action is coming to a close in Paris, and CRL policy coordinator Bob Gronski provides his analysis. The analysis touches on debates over temperature reduction goals, the significance of a fund to support developing nations efforts to go green, and the importance of world leaders and nations sticking to the resolutions going forward.

New Videos Highlight Volunteer Opportunity
Catholic Relief Services has just released two videos highlighting its Farmer-to-Farmer program in East Africa. The first video features a grain market analyst from South Dakota and the second video features a crop scientist from Montana; both of them spent a couple weeks in Ethiopia sharing their skills and knowledge with local farmers.

Farmer-to-Farmer is a great way for American farmers, scientists and businesspeople--who have been greatly blessed--to  share the gifts God has given them with others. CRL helps recruit for the program, and we're happy to tell you more about the program and how you can apply; just visit our website! 

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