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Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 8, Issue 4 (August 28/14)
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In what does WPH believe?

Business, Labour & Community: Planning for Prosperity!

Call to Action: 2015 Hire Learning Survey

In January 2014, WPH released the first annual Hire Learning Survey to Hamilton employers to learn about their current and future hiring needs, skill requirements, and recruitment difficulties. 

We learned that:

  • Employers generally have a positive hiring outlook for the next year
  • Essential skills that employers have the most difficulty finding are thinking, oral communication and digital technology
  • Skill requirements are expected to increase to a moderate extent over the next 5 years

The 2015 Hire Learning Survey is quickly approaching and we are enhancing our outreach strategy. To achieve an even better response than last year, we need the collective efforts of the community. Help us by promoting and distributing the HLS to your Hamilton employer network. 

If you are an employer and would like to make sure you receive a survey link in January please contact Sarah Hosick by email: sarah.hosick@workforceplanninghamilton.ca or phone at: 905-521-5777. 
Canadian students optimistic about job prospects

A new study by D+H Canada found that 80% of Canadian students feel positive about job prospects in their chosen field. It also found that students value the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, more than a high salary.  

Newcomer reaches for the sky

Almost immediately after he finished his project management certification at Grant MacEwan University, Magnus Saramago got a job that launched his professional career in Canada.

The Great Canadian Chicken and Egg Experience: Immigrant Job Barrier Stories

For many immigrants to Hamilton, finding a job in a new country becomes a chicken and egg conundrum: no job without Canadian experience; no experience without a job.

IWC volunteers have created a public awareness video, The Great Canadian Chicken and Egg Experience:  Immigrant Job Barrier Stories.
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