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13th August 2018
This week's survey:
(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)  

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  • Unless its very profitable and can run independently without you i don't think you should to rely on the sale of the business.
    Pay yourself wages AND super and if possible buy your business premises through a self managed super fund.
    Regardless of the future of my business and eventual sale price i will have the rent coming in each month to fund a large portion of my retirement income. Apart from future tax advantages there are also lots of positives renting from yourself.

  • No way! That's what investment and extra super contributions are for.
  • No. Our family trust has invested in real estate for the last 20 years ready for my retirement. To rely on the sale of your business to live in retirement is a scary thought. You are relying on finding someone who thinks the business is a good investment and will pay you what you think its worth. You have to hope that someone hasn't got a better or similar business and are asking for less money. Generally buying a business is a buyers market. 
  • Fact is few owner operators pay due attention to building the worth of their business so come time to sell they are most often disappointed with the outcome. Many are not able to find a buyer and most receive less than the $ they expected. If the answer to the above question is "yes" then even if you only opened the doors today start planning for your exit now.
    (Michael, AS Fisher & Co).
  • Of course, if I am still operating the business at the time I retire, then of course the procceds of the sale will go towards my retirement. If I sell earlier (assuming it has value) then the proceeds would probably go into my super which in turn should contribute towards our pension.
  • Daft question, I am not relying on the proceeds but hopefully the funds would contribute towards my overall retirement funds, together with my other investments.
(As a publishing practice to protect ourselves from any potential liability, company and individual names that are referred to negatively in any of these comments are removed.

In addition we reserve the right to remove comments that are either considered offensive or are blatant advertising for one product or company)

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Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry. 

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New South Wales

(Echuca) Mimaki printer and plotter
(Posted 11th August 2018)
(Kurri Kurri) Wanted Roland VSI 640
(Posted 19th July 2018)
(Sydney) HP 260 Latex
(Posted 2nd July 2018)
(Albury) 350 GT For Sale
(Posted 9th May 2018)
(Sydney) EX-SHOWROOM Latex 310 printer
(Posted 19th April 2018)
(Posted 17th April 2018)
(Posted 16th April 2018)
(Posted 12th April 2018)
(Posted 11th April 2018)
(Posted 5th April 2018)
(Posted 4th April 2018)
(Posted 4th April 2018)
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(Bayswater) Mimaki JV400-160LX
(Posted 9th August 2018)
(Cheltenham) HPFB700 For Sale
(Posted 2nd August 2918)
(Posted 16th April 2018)
(Posted 4th April 2018)

(Posted 9th August 2018)
(Brisbane) HP Scitex FB750
(Posted 6th August 2018)
(Bundaberg) Roland VS540 & Laminator
(Posted 6th August 2018)
(Kallangur) Roland VP540
(Posted 20th July 2018)
(Rocklea) Ideal 6550 Guillotine $4200
(Posted 4th July 2018)
(Brisbane) HP Latex 28500 for sale
(Posted 22nd May 2018)
(Toowoomba) Mimaki JV400LX Latex Machine
(Posted 30th April 2018)
(Brisbane) HP Scitex 500
(Posted 26th April 2018)
(Brisbane) EX-SHOWROOM Latex 310 printer
(Posted 19th April 2018)
(Posted 18th April 2018)
(Posted 13th April 2018)
(posted 11th April 2018)
(Airlie Beach) HP Designjet 26500
(Posted 4th April 2018)
South Australia

(Gawler) EzyTaper
(Posted 23rd July 2018)

Western Australia RE

(Perth) Neolt electro trim 200
(Posted 10th July 2018)
(Perth) Printers for Sale due to change of business
(Posted 20th June 2018)
Northern Territory

New Zealand
(Posted 9th April 2018)
Demo Fully Automatic Eyelet machine
(Posted 19th July 2018)

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  New South Wales  
 South Australia
(Posted 16th April 2018)
 Western Australia
  New Zealand  

Businesses for sale/wanted

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(Posted 9th April 2018)
(Posted 9th April 2018)
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After being married for 55 years this month, I took a careful look at
my wife one day and said, "Fifty-five years ago we had a cheap house,
a junk car, slept on a sofa-bed and watched a 10-inch black and white
TV. But hey I got to sleep every night with a hot 23-year-old girl.  
Now ... I have a $750,000 home, a $45,000 car, a nice big bed and a
large screen TV, but I'm sleeping with a 77-year-old woman.
So I said to my wife "it seems to me that you're not holding up your
side of things."
My wife is a very reasonable woman.  She told me to go out and find a
hot 23-year-old girl and she would make sure that I would once again
be living in a cheap house, driving a junk car, sleeping on a sofa bed
and watching a 10-inch black and white TV.  
Aren't older women great?
They really know how to solve an old guy's problems!
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