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6th August 2018
This week's survey:
(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)  

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  • Absolutely not. They don't always conform to Australian safety regulations, power connections, and they mostly do not have agents in Australia. So if the machine breaks down local techs can't fix it because (a) they are unfamiliar with the machine and (b) the parts will have to be sourced overseas. That would be very hit and miss trying to explain exactly which part is required when the language barrier is taken into consideration. Even if you found a tech, and the correct parts could be sourced the machine would be down for a considerable period.
    I am afraid we prefer the safety of an imported machine with solid backing in Australia in regards to techs and parts.

  • Do you look for printed products on alibaba, made-in-china.com etc to bypass Australian Printers and their huge markups.
    That doesn't sound nice does it? Suppliers of machinery, like most people reading this have wages and rent to pay as well. There is no crime in making a profit to make sure your employees have a job to support their own families. A bit of tall poppy syndrome going on with this question.

  • I know some people search for products online in the hope of saving a few dollars but you have to ask yourself, is it worth it, bearing in mind you might need support, if it is equipment you are purchasing. If it is consumables, yo have to consider the quality of the product. I would never do it and I don't recommend it is a practice that you should.consider.
  • Resellers of equipment in Australia are entitles to make a profit, just the same as the person who put this question up. "Huge markups" - I suppose the size of the markup could be determined by the guarantee and support that could be required.
(As a publishing practice to protect ourselves from any potential liability, company and individual names that are referred to negatively in any of these comments are removed.

In addition we reserve the right to remove comments that are either considered offensive or are blatant advertising for one product or company)

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Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry. 

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New South Wales

(Kurri Kurri) Wanted Roland VSI 640
(Posted 19th July 2018)
(Sydney) HP 260 Latex
(Posted 2nd July 2018)
(Albury) 350 GT For Sale
(Posted 9th May 2018)
(Sydney) EX-SHOWROOM Latex 310 printer
(Posted 19th April 2018)
(Posted 17th April 2018)
(Posted 16th April 2018)
(Posted 12th April 2018)
(Posted 11th April 2018)
(Posted 5th April 2018)
(Posted 4th April 2018)
(Posted 4th April 2018)
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(Cheltenham) HPFB700 For Sale
(Posted 2nd August 2918)
(Posted 16th April 2018)
(Posted 4th April 2018)

(Kallangur) Roland VP540
(Posted 20th July 2018)
(Rocklea) Ideal 6550 Guillotine $4200
(Posted 4th July 2018)
(Cleveland) HP Scitex FB750
(Posted 26th June 2018)
(Brisbane) HP Latex 28500 for sale
(Posted 22nd May 2018)
(Toowoomba) Mimaki JV400LX Latex Machine
(Posted 30th April 2018)
(Brisbane) HP Scitex 500
(Posted 26th April 2018)
(Brisbane) EX-SHOWROOM Latex 310 printer
(Posted 19th April 2018)
(Posted 18th April 2018)
(Posted 13th April 2018)
(posted 11th April 2018)
(Airlie Beach) HP Designjet 26500
(Posted 4th April 2018)
South Australia

(Gawler) EzyTaper
(Posted 23rd July 2018)

Western Australia RE

(Perth) Seal 62 Plus laminator
(Posted 10th July 2018)
(Perth) Neolt electro trim 200
(Posted 10th July 2018)
(Perth) HP - Designjet Z6200 Large format printer
(Posted 10th July 2018)
(Perth) Printers for Sale due to change of business
(Posted 20th June 2018)
Northern Territory

New Zealand
(Posted 9th April 2018)
Demo Fully Automatic Eyelet machine
(Posted 19th July 2018)

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  New South Wales  
 South Australia
(Posted 16th April 2018)
 Western Australia
  New Zealand  

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(Posted 9th April 2018)
(Posted 9th April 2018)
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  I don't know WHY I didn't figure this out sooner!
I use shampoo in the shower! When I wash my hair, 
the shampoo runs down my whole body, and printed 
very clearly on the shampoo label is this warning, 
  No wonder I have been gaining weight!
Well, I got rid of that shampoo and I am 
going to start showering with Dawn dishwashing soap instead. 
Its label reads,
  Problem solved!
If I don't answer the phone I'll be in the shower!

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