Global experts say that a greater global financial crisis is looming,
possibly as early as September 2015. While we agree,
we also know historically that times of great upheaval and
CHANGE bring the greatest OPPORTUNITY for fortune-makers! 
Learn how below:
We Learn From History... 
That We Never
From History!
Despite the mountains of historical evidence pointing to looming financial crisis, and the known methods of protection against it, people blindly ignore the facts! Below, we analyze just one of the familiar ingredients resurfacing for the perfect global financial storm:
Warren Buffett: Derivatives are still weapons of mass destruction and "are likely to cause big trouble!"
We now know that the 2007-2011 global financial crisis was precipitated by a big-bank product called DERIVATIVES. While this complex "investment instrument" has been widely criticized since 2007 as a legalized form of gambling, it still constitutes a staggering 95% (US$1.2TRILLION) of the GLOBAL capitalist market. In other words, if the derivatives' market again crashed in the US, or anywhere else...-it would precipitate an unprecedented global market crash.

Knowing this the US congress created Section 716 of the DODD-FRANK ACT to directly address the problem and reform the global paper market.
INCREDIBLY HOWEVER, after receiving millions in campaign donations (bribes) from big banks like Goldman Sachs, (the usual suspects), congress did the unthinkable and actually REPEALED (revoked) Section-716 in October 2013, matching repeals to similar reforming regulations around the world, including the UK and the EU.
This means that the global DERIVATIVES market - the very reason for the 2007 financial collapse - is LESS regulated, MORE precarious, and IMMINENTLY more self-destructive than ever before. Global collapse is not a myth, or conspiracy theory...-it is now a certainty!  

Watch Jim Rickards (Financial Threats and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor to the Pentagon and CIA), to hear about the rest of the threats contributing to the aforementioned perfect storm.
With Great Change,
omes Great Opportunity!
Historically, the greatest fortunes were created in times of great uncertainty and upheaval just like this one. The richest old-money families built their wealth strategically by capitalizing on the threat 0f approaching revolutions; coups; wars, recession; and depression. In fact, since this tactic  worked so well, many now believe that those families actually often instigated those very threats, in an elaborate hegelian dialectic plan, in order to benefit from them.

Today, in learning from their history, we too can benefit by capitalizing on approaching threats facing us right now. How?

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Step Two:
True Diversification is the only wisdom  
in an uncertain economic future!

Despite what any slick investment broker tells you, please know that you are not truly diversified just because you may have mutual funds!

Mutual funds give you a dangerous illusion of diversity, ultimately leaving you unprotected during downturns despite what they promise. No matter how 'spread out' they seem between health stocks, mining certificates, energy stocks etc, they are ALL investment instruments concentrated or over-diversified in ONE security class...-paper! The same paper, in the same paper market, which many experts now agree is rigged. (see NY Post link)

The only way to truly diversify is to invest in different security classes, and/or in different sectors, including: precious metals; natural fancy colored diamonds; and income-producing real estate (in diverse economies or locales). This is the tried and true method of wealth creation applied by nobility, the Vatican and old-money families for millennia. If you are not doing this, then you are neither truly diversified; nor investing effectively; and in fact, you are risking both your current wealth, and future wealth creation ability. Now is the time to fix that!
"The TIME to buy is when there's blood in the streets," wrote Baron Rothschild , heir  to the mysterious Rothschild family banking fortune,  believed to be among the greatest on earth.

Rothschild men have always been mentored to be aggressive opportunists, who take advantage of wars, revolutions, elections, recessions, and depressions to build their fortune/s. They have always bought, sold, invested or withheld, contrary to what others were doing, and contrary to what they themselves publicized about their secret actions. This is clear from what is now known about their once secret funding of both sides of the war between Napolean and Wellington.   

Right now, contrarian old-money families; nobility and governments are buying and holding gold, and even recalling long-stored, off-shore gold reserves while mainstream investment experts and television's talking heads aggressively caution the average investor against doing the very same. The experts are brainwashed by the institutionalized gambling mentality of the paper market. Ironically, gold and silver have dipped to some of their lowest levels in months, offering individual investors the opportunity to rally handsome gains if we invest now.

Up market, down market, laying in the cargo hold of a Spanish galleon at the bottom of the Atlantic for three hundred years, OR hidden beneath volcanic ash in Pompeii for almost 2000 years ... -GOLD will always be GOLD! That is what an immutable commodity is! Silver shares these qualities while also being the world's most undervalued, yet over-utilized metal, and thus poised for a meteoric rise as investors and inventors alike continue to realize its intrinsic value  and myriad uses.  
Do you up and sell your house every time the market dips? Why not? You understand that real estate, LIKE GOLD, is an immutable commodity with intrinsic value that doesn't just disappear when Jim Kramer screams "booyah!" This basic tenet of commodities has been successfully propagandized against and flagrantly lied about by proponents of the paper market for the past century.  
Your ancestors were smarter! That's how poor immigrants, settlers, and farmers grew wealthy within one generation. They knew that there were some things that you buy and hold, as long-term insurance and carriers of wealth, rather than gambling in the paper-market. Gold, silver, and real estate have ALWAYS been relied upon as both insurance and carriers of wealth.  
So, learn from the Rothschilds and IGNORE the very same pundits and experts, who bullied and cajoled you to invest in paper and US real estate just before the 2007/8 collapse! DIVERSIFY! BUY GOLD AND SILVER! 
There is NO magic product that solves ALL financial problems in uncertain times such as these, and
 NO magic crystal ball to predict every given situation.
So, what do you do?

Gaining Independence through Diversification
will protect You, Your Family and Your Future

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