May 2020
Mudita Community!

A place to belong. To learn, to grow. To laugh, to explore. A place to feel loved, respected and deeply cared for. A place to breathe, to feel nourished. To rest, rejuvenate, revitalize.

A place of JOY!

My hope is that your new studio is filled with all of that and more. Within that space of hope, through much planning, preparation, and patience,

Your new home is now ready for you! 

we will have a soft, soft (soft!) opening

Saturday, May 16, 2020!

Please join us for our regular Saturday classes,
now in person and virtual

8:30 am Power for All!

10:15 am Restore

4:00 pm Mudita meditation
(free class)


a private open house from 12:15 – 3:45 pm

I will be at the studio during these hours and would love to share the space with you.
If you would like a private showing, please RSVP for Open House.

Otherwise come by, we will social distance, wear our masks and
share the space together.

Looking forward to
opening the new space
with you!

4832A So. Highland Drive

The Mudita staff and I
are excited to
welcome you home!

To practice with you, laugh with you, come alive with you.

To experience JOY with you!
We are taking all measures to keep your new home safe for those who are wanting to enter and practice with us in person.

S tocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer,
here are the guidelines:

In person classes: 
Classes will be limited to nine (9) students.  You will need to sign up in advance for class.  Please be mindful that there are limited spaces, if your schedule changes and you cannot attend, please remove yourself from the schedule. There will be no need to sign in once at the studio. We will take care of checking you in once you get there. Here is a link to sign up for class.

Social distancing: 
Our staff will be wearing face masks to greet you at the front desk. You are invited to wear a mask as you come into the studio, which can be removed once you get to your mat. The mats will be placed ten (10) feet apart, giving us ample room to practice at a safe distance from each other. We, as teachers, will keep the appropriate distance while teaching our classes, no hands-on adjustments will be offered. Please keep a six (6) feet distance from other students or staff as you move about the studio. 

We will have hand sanitizer available at the front desk. We ask that you sanitize your hands once you get to the studio, and as you are leaving. All door handles, counter tops, bathroom and floors will be cleaned, disinfected, sanitized daily, and most spaces before and after each class. We will be working diligently to keep your new home as safe and clean as possible.  
For the time being, studio props will be unavailable for use. Please bring your own props if you desire them for your practice. I know that having your own props is new for many of you. I am offering to sell a few of our props at a very discounted rate: 

blanket, bolster, two blocks for $25!!! 

If you are interested, please email me here: I want props!  
If you prefer to stay in we will offer all classes online!!!

I will leave it to you to use your own guidelines for that practice!
Please remember that we are in this together. 

This is a different time, a more challenging time. 

It may take you some time before you feel safe to arrive with us. 

You may feel safe to arrive now! 

Let us all honor and respect the individual decisions, the needs of each person.
A fundamental quality of home is being able to feel safe. To let down your guard and relax into the moment. This has always been a key to the space I create for you – covid or not!

Please know I have considered your needs, the needs of our community, in creating the studio. With you in mind, it is coming together beautifully. I am being patient with the process which means it will be a work in progress! 

Overall my hope is that the whole of Mudita Yoga and Wellness be a safe space - ' about love, relationship, community and belonging '. A place for you to come into your own presence, to find your way home. We are all searching for that.

May we find it together in JOY!

Carrie Coppola | Mudita - Be Joy Yoga | 801.699.3627 |