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Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 7, Issue 2 (July 10/14)
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In what does WPH believe?

Business, Labour & Community: Planning for Prosperity!

What are the top 3 trends Hamilton employers have identified?
WPH staff have been busy for the last few weeks interviewing top local employers across many sectors, and gathering information that will help to inform our 2014 Labour Market Plan.

Here is a snapshot of what local employers are telling us! 


  • Soft skills such as communication, the ability to learn quickly and flexibility are mentioned as skills that are amongst the most challenging to find in new hires across all sectors (particularly amongst young workers)
  • New technology is increasing the skill requirements for workers of all skill levels (including entry-level and general labourer positions) as processes and procedures become more automated
  • Many companies, especially those that hire for entry level positions, will invest in extensive on-the-job training for their employees, but they need workers who are able to learn and embrace any new technology introduced   


Does your company have 10 or more employees? Have you hired in the past year (or will be hiring in the coming year)?  If so, there is still time to make sure your voice is heard in the 2014 Labour Market Plan!  

Contact us today at 905.521.5777 to book an appointment for a 15 minute interview.  

A closer look at the costs of youth unemployment and underemployment  
  striped-outfit-gaze.jpg A new paper by Canada 2020 shows the importance of investing in youth. 
The report explains the immediate and future economic costs tied to the unemployment and underemployment of youth workers in Canada.

From engineering to environment: How a mentor helped an immigrant's journey to work

When Victor Reyes left the Philippines to pursue his Master of Engineering in Australia, he didn't think he would end up in Canada. And just when the idea of staying in Australia started to tempt him, he fell in love with a Canadian, got married and moved to Toronto in 2006.


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