North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) week is very different this year -- no conferences, no in-person safety meetings, no staff barbecues or Steps for Life team get-togethers. But it’s more important than ever that we talk about health and safety, and the consequences when something goes wrong. While workplace tragedies happen year-round, the attention paid to health and safety around Day of Mourning and NAOSH week means that more families find Threads of Life and can benefit from our programs and services. So keep talking health and safety, and keep sharing our messages! You are helping families find support.
“Our lives changed forever”
Gutierrez family photo
Eulogio “Bot” Gutierrez was just months from retiring from his job as a mining surveyor when he was struck and killed underground by a piece of heavy mobile equipment. The sudden death of this family-focused man brought “an emotional weight that we were not prepared for,” Bot’s son Eugene says. Through Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Eugene found Threads of Life and has become an active volunteer, helping ensure access to Threads of Life programs for all those who need them. Watch Eugene’s video story, prepared for Steps for Life 2020.
Team NOVA Chemicals leads the way
NOVA Chemicals flags
NOVA Chemicals has been a Threads of Life partner since 2017, and this year they’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure their employees can still participate in Steps for Life - Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy. Registration fees have been waived for this year, but instead, NOVA Chemicals will donate $10 to Threads of Life on behalf of every employee who registers! As an added incentive, participants will be entered in a draw for Applause points -- an internal rewards program for NOVA Chemicals employees. Have a look here to see how the NOVA Chemicals teams are making out!  What could you do to get more of your employees involved in Steps for Life this spring?
Your Whys, Your Ways!

It’s happening! So many people are taking up the challenge to create their own Steps for Life event this year, and share it on social media. We’ve seen cyclists, dancers, farmers, yogis, ballers, painters, runners, jumpers, and of course, plenty of dog walkers. If you haven’t posted your activity yet, you have lots of time to join the yellow wave across Canada as we show our commitment to workplace health and safety and to those affected by tragedy.
On our blog:
On this Day of Mourning, please remember...

Day of Mourning, marked on April 28, began with Canadian labour unions which wanted to emphasize and recognize the many workers who are killed, injured and made ill in workplaces.

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Three Cheers for Volunteers!

All of us at Threads of Life are honoured to take this time to recognize the efforts of our volunteers. We are humbled by you and all that you contribute to Threads of Life. We are grateful to you, and grateful for you.

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