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Will there be consequences for pitching fairy-tale farming_
The potential downside of backing fairy-tale farming
Retailer after retailer has fallen in line to back animal-rights groups' strident calls to "meet consumer demand" for eggs from hens not housed in cages. But has the food chain based their high-stakes promises on a  dangerous assumption?
Three clarificatoins about ethanol
Flickr/Todd Ehlers. Some rights reserved. Used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Eleven years into ethanol mandate, some clarification
With the passing of the 11th anniversary of the federal Renewable Fuel Standard, which requires refiners to blend increasing amounts of biofuels into new options for consumers at the pump, it remains a complex and contentious issue. Here are three facts about the federal requirement you should know.
Why do farmers hire kids to walk their cornfields_
Image: Flickr/U.S. National Archives.
Why do farmers hire kids to walk the cornfields?
On any given day in June and July, tens of thousands of Midwestern small-town kids continue a rite of passage many share with their parents, as they sleepily work their way through row upon row of growing corn. Our popular Why Do Farmers Do That? series answers the burning question: What are those kids doing there?
Meat prices aren_t behaving like they_re supposed to
Have all the old rules on meat demand changed?
The gap between rich and poor has widened, income growth at the bottom is stalled, and beef prices are leading nagging food inflation. Under the old rules, all those factors should add up to a crash in beef demand. Yet annual retail demand for beef has continued to rise. Have the old assumptions changed? 
Bull-fighting_ Nebraska style
Sargent's Rowdy Moon: Bull-fighting, Nebraska style
A champion team roper and national-caliber bareback bronc rider himself, 19-year-old Sargent native Rowdy Moon spends summer weekend nights under the lights in county rodeo arenas, running towards the business end of three-quarter ton of mean beef.  
Now that_s organized labor_ boys
A Labor Day salute to some real organized labor
On this annual end-of-summer salute to the contributions and achievements of America's working class, travel back 30 years with us, to a day when several hundred friends and neighbors gathered in the small town of Bruno to demonstrate the real power of organized muscle. You won't believe what they accomplished.
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