NAO partners with Impact Benefits & Retirement: Offers "ImpactRetireNPO" - a new member benefit!

NAO and Impact Benefits & Retirement are excited to offer NAO 501(c)(3) members a new retirement plan program - "ImpactRetireNPO!" The plan is turnkey, transparent, affordable, easy-to-understand - and with awesome investment options! This retirement solution is designed specifically for Oregon's nonprofits. Each nonprofit has the ability to customize the savings plan for its own employees.

Robust employee benefits are often ranked as one of the top three indicators of employee satisfaction and are also pivotal for recruitment and retention purposes. Nonprofit employees deserve to have a dignified retirement after committing their lives to fulfilling the missions of the organizations they work for. While some nonprofits currently offer employee retirement plans, many more haven't had to opportunity to do so because of limited time and resources. People are living longer and healthier lives, and NAO encourages nonprofits to support employees to start planning for a financially secure future now!

Impact Benefits & Retirement takes the heavy lift off nonprofit organizations - whether a nonprofit is looking to offer a new retirement plan for employees or is seeking an alternative to its current retirement plan company. The ImpactRetireNPO solution is built on retirement plan best practices. Impact acts in a fiduciary capacity, handles the plan administration, has negotiated lower cost for NAO members, and customizes education and coaching for each nonprofit - no nonprofit is too small to have access or be included! Go to: for information and/or contact for a conversation with an Impact representative about a retirement plan for your nonprofit. Take advantage of NAO's newest member benefit for 501(c)(3) charitable benefit organizations!

NAO will be hosting a webinar on the "ImpactRetireNPO" - the new retirement program with Impact representatives on Tuesday, July 9 from noon to 1 p.m.

Impact has been consulting on retirement plans for almost 40 years, is 100 percent women-owned and minority-owned, Oregon-born and based, and a B Corp certified company. Impact has dedicated much of its resources as an organization to making investing and saving for retirement attainable to ALL organizations. Impact has been successfully working with nonprofits of all sizes and subsectors for several years and truly understands nonprofits' needs. NAO was drawn to Impact's approach of hands-on client service, access and inclusion, service to community, and their commitment towards making a greater social impact through their services.