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I'll start with a little update about Laura. She's doing fine, having good days and not so good days. We're still awaiting final diagnosis and then the start of a treatment plan, but we're keeping our usual optimistic outlook and hoping she'll be back as normal as ever over the next few weeks and months. Thank you for your well wishes, we so appreciate them.

I've been enjoying some time in my studio working into sketchbooks. 


Cropping some pages to make interesting edges and creating borders using Derwent Inktense pencils.

When I draw with these pencils I usually add water to blend the colour but I've discovered that if I use gel medium, the colour will move but in a much more controlled way.

A fan brush works well for this and I really like the blurry halo effect it creates. 

Just a perfect little frame for my blackbird.

I'm on Instagram

I know I've been hopeless but if you've been waiting patiently you'll have discovered I've finally got to grips with Instagram! I am trying to post pretty frequently. If you'd like to follow me, and I'd love it if you did, you'll find me here;

New video workshop on DesignMatters TV
Fabric Weaving

New on DMTV this week is Laura's workshop on Fabric Weaving. This is a lovely technique which you can use to add painterly texture and pattern to your quilts, art textiles and embroideries. I'm pretty sure you'll have everything you need to get started right away and it's a satisfyingly quick technique to try!

The video workshop is for members only but if you haven't signed up already we'd love to have you  join us  now. Just choose 'Membership Videos' from the menu and you'll see 30+ titles in the current playlist. 
We hope there's something to tempt you there!

Sounds good? Sign up today from just £12 for instant access.
If you're already a Member you can login to watch the new video:

New from the DMTV Archives

Millefiore Patchwork

We've added a new collection to the Archive Shop today. In this collection of 2 video workshops you can join Laura to design, piece and quilt your own millefiore or mosaic patchwork. This project is beautifully intricate, but surprisingly easy to design and sew following Laura's simple steps.

As with all our DMTV Archive Collections, you can add them to your Library for instant, lifetime access. They represent great value, this collection of 2 workshops is only £3. You don't need to be a DMTV Member to purchase Archives, you can simply make a one-off purchase.

Also available - if you missed the news last week - Handprinted Sketchbooks is now available to add to your DMTV library. This is one of our most popular courses of videos and we can completely understand why - we loved making our books and are still enjoying working into them!
New from Max & Rosie

I'm a huge fan of buying handmade items and buying direct from the maker. There's no better way to support artisans and craftsmen than purchasing their wares! My daughter Frances has been adding to her beautiful range of handcrafted items, all available on her website.

The new clutch bags are just perfect for the upcoming party season. She has two styles to choose from, the smart Envelope Clutch and the stylish Bow Clutch. Each are available in funky prints, or classic denim. 

She just makes a few of each so you know you're getting something special and can be sure that no-one else at the party will have the same bag! 

They're beautiful, but affordable too, only £18.

I love that the Envelope Clutch bags can also double up as wallets for a journal too. Perfect for keeping my notebook (or sketchbook) together with a selection of pens.I hope you'll be tempted!

Thank you for catching up with our news this week. We'll be back soon with more.

Love Linda

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