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Breck giving food to Vancouver food runner volunteer
Our Kitchen Maestro, Chef Breck stays connected with local organizations so with your support we can give them leftover or unused food.
It’s because of you…
(And that’s not a Valentines song!)
I heard them talking softly behind me as I was setting up their lunch. The topic was not an unusual one.

What do we do with leftover food?

Our first choice is always to give away leftover and unused food. Of course, we only do that within the context of FoodSafe guidelines.

One of our local partners is @vancouver_food_runners, a food recovery organization that distributes food for meal programs, in hampers and direct to clients.
We’re committed both to supporting our local community and to reducing waste. It’s important to us and we know it’s important to you. Our partnership with Vancouver Food Runners is just one of the ways we do that.

Check out the graphic below to see how much food we were able to donate to that one organization. And imagine that multiplied a few times.

Thank you for helping us help others!
Feel the Heat!
Hot sandwich
If you’ve been outside or even looked outside recently, you may have noticed that summer isn’t here yet. Of course, it doesn’t have to be cold to enjoy our warm sandwiches, but why not!

Yes, we introduced them last month and people have loved them. So, here is another (gentle) reminder.
Way back in 2022, there were sandwiches. And there was hot food.

2023 is a new year. And now, we’re excited to introduce our delicious lineup of warm sandwiches and wraps. Our Chef Breck and his team have out-done themselves to create this selection of unique flavours and old-time favourites with a warm twist.

Get ready to feel the heat in your next meeting or event!

Tell Us What You Think
The summer months are our big BBQ season, but what about for you? When do you start barbecuing?
I never stopped!!
A particular day on the calendar, like the first day of spring or….
It has to be warm enough.
BBQ? What’s that?
I’m waiting for Pacific Coast Catering to fire up their grills.
Last Month’s Poll Results
What are you most looking forward to in 2023?
  • trying Pacific Coast Catering’s new menu items — 26%
  • the arrival of spring or summer — 20%
  • travel of vacation — 18%
  • the Canucks winning the Stanley Cup — 18%
  • freedom from all COVID restrictions (fingers crossed) —18%

Interpreting last month’s results
Seeing which option got the most votes, it is obvious to us that our readership is brilliantly intelligent and really has their priorities in order! On the other hand, we observe that the option with the word “Stanley” actually received 18% of the votes. We are now concerned that some of our readership may be living in an alternate reality!
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