Not exactly your grandfather's wood.
Our Antique Heart Pine flooring, timbers, and table tops are sourced from deconstructed industrial sites throughout the Northeast.
But your grandfather's grandfather...? Now we're talking!

The premium quality reclaimed wood that we have been supplying to top building professionals for close to two decades is like no other wood on Earth. Teeming with history, character, and a uniqueness all its own, you'll find there is no building material quite like it, and the story behind the wood says it all.

This is the wood that built America.

After the Civil War, America strived to repair it's deep economic and social wounds to become the world's greatest industrialized nation. In the Northeast, government placed high tariffs on the importation of finished textiles, hoping to stimulate the regional economies and bourgeoning cities busy developing an intricate network to transport goods. These tariffs helped to jump start the growth of the textile mill industry there, and savvy entrepreneurs invested heavily in massive brick and timber factories to house their growing labor force. High quality brick was locally manufactured, but strong and durable timbers in vast quantities that could withstand the heavy loads placed upon them had to be imported from the South, where old-growth stands of Southern Yellow Pine had been growing for hundreds of years.

The insatiable economic drive of these early industrialists struck a heavy blow upon the great virgin forests of the South, and millions of acres of old-growth forests were decimated. In the late 1800's, many of the trees that were harvested for use in Northern factories and mills were already 150-250 years old. Today, these industrial forest house some of the finest old-growth timbers on the planet that range in age from 250-500 years old! The Jarmak Corporation is saving this precious antique wood so that it's rich legacy may live on for many more generations to come.

reclaimed wood samples2

We are constantly updating our extensive inventory of historic, old-growth reclaimed wood at our lumber yard in Oxford, Massachusetts. Schedule an appointment today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgable design professionals and find out how we can help with your next building or design project.
Last summer, we worked with some of the country's finest woodworking professionals at Bensonwood to supply them with the most beautiful reclaimed old-growth heart pine timbers for this charming outdoor chapel. What can we do for you?
Reclaimed antique Oak barn wood has arrived.
We have thousands of feet of vintage 2" thick, reclaimed barn oak in varying widths from 4"-10" to suit any and all building applications. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer our all of our premium quality wood in the form that suits your needs, from raw reclaimed stock, to re-sawn dimensional kiln-dried lumber, and premium finished surfaces.

Original surface reclaimed wood floors for all.
A popular and cost effective way to purchase our reclaimed wood flooring, we have many species, textures, colors, and styles to choose from including: antique birch (bottom left), maple gym flooring (bottom center), antique oak, antique fir, antique maple (bottom right), hemlock, spruce, heart pine and more.

reclaimed antique birch  reclaimed maple gym flooring  reclaimed antique maple flooring
Dense-grain, antique wainscoting is in!
Saved from the circa 1890 built Odd Fellows Home in Worcester, Massachusetts, there is no match to the quality, durabilty and craftsmanship found in this historic reclaimed wood paneling.

Call 617.548.1829 today for availability, sizes, and pricing of these limited stock items.
Restoring an icon: The world's last wooden whaling ship sails again. 

Last summer, the Jarmak Corporation supplied premium reclaimed lumber to the shipwrights restoring this iconic wooden whaling ship- the last of it's kind in the world. This summer, the Charles W. Morgan sailed on its 38th voyage.

We are so excited to be involved in this historic, and high profile renovation of one of the world's finest sailing vessels.

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The Jarmak Corporation helps  local businesses launch in style.

This summer we have provided numerous local businesses looking to use sustainable, historic reclaimed wood to outfit their spaces. We stock material for counter tops, bar tops, and tables in stock at our lumber yard in Oxford, Massachusetts, in a variety of species like reclaimed hemlock, reclaimed oak, reclaimed heart pine, reclaimed spruce and more.

Stop by our yard for samples, or call us today to find out how to reclaim your space with genuine antique lumber from The Jarmak Corporation.


Looking for ideas to jumpstart your next building project using reclaimed wood? 
reclaimed oak table   

Our professional staff can help you choose the right reclaimed wood for the job. Recently, shop manager J. Heasley worked with the design team at Converse to help them design and build a new conference table and desk tops for their new world headquarters at Lovejoy Wharf in downtown Boston. 
We carry many species of historic, antique reclaimed wood to accomodate all building styles. So whether you're just going for the "look", or you need structural timbers to carry the load, we've got you covered.

Visit our #reclaimedlumberyard

Looking to use reclaimed lumber for your next building project, but don't know where to start? Stop by our yard just an hour outside of Boston. There, you can see all of our premium quality reclaimed wood products, get ideas for your projects, and take home samples to share! We keep a wide selection of reclaimed wood on hand, in various species of all shapes and sizes to meet any of your needs.  

Reclaimed Antique Timbers

Harvested from local sources, our yard stocks a premium grade of unpainted, genuine antique timbers including native species such as: chestnut, fir, hemlock, heart pine, spruce, and more. View our inventory. 

Antique Wide Plank 
Native New England Softwood Flooring

Available in 3/4" x 5"  to 12" and lengths of up to 16 feet, this antique, original surface tongue and groove flooring was manufactured at the turn of the last century by local craftsmen. Shown here skip-planed and oiled. Read the story.

Original Surface
Reclaimed Hemlock Decking

One of the newest additions to our large inventory of antique reclaimed wood products is this beautiful Hemlock 2x8 decking. It's unpainted and the original tongue and groove is left intact for that ultimate antique look.We offer this material in a variety of finishes, including raw, original surface, skip-planed, wired-brushed, and sanded. View our inventory.

Antique Doors
Reclaimed Solid Heart Pine 

They just don't make them like this anymore! Our inventory is stocked with over one hundred high quality 4 and 6-panel Antique Victorian solid wood doors, in many standard sizes from 2'-0" widths and up. We also have original door hardware, hinges, trim and moulding to accompany them! Contact us today for sizes, pricing, and availability.

For fine custom reclaimed flooring and millwork please be sure to visit our sister company Antique Lumber Co.
Architects and builders trust our products in their environmentally-friendly building projects, including those that seek the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED certification, historic restorations, new construction or in any other application where the characteristics of reclaimed old-growth wood are desired. 

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