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International & Global Marketing News

Here's a selection of noteworthy articles from the past month.

Trade Ready by FITT: Expanding your business into foreign markets? Your success will depend to a large extent on the level of  cross-cultural competency you develop early on in your market entry plan. In this recent article Sandra Cravero gives five good reasons why you should build a good cultural knowledge of your target market sooner rather than later.

App Annie:  Smartphones are now the primary device for a majority of Internet users around the world. Globally, the time people spend in mobile apps has more than doubled since 2014. Emerging markets, in particular, are "fully mobile-first economies with mobile-centric consumers". More and more people - younger ones, especially - aren't going mobile, they are mobile from the start. Read more about how Mobile is Now the First Screen.

Euromonitor International:  The New Consumerism is a fascinating concept that encompasses eight key global trends: the sharing economy, the circular economy, experience, buying time, trading places, frugal innovation, space for life, and the gig economy. Euromonitor will be exploring this topic in a series of upcoming articles. Watch the introductory video.

Tech in Asia: Did you know that Facebook now has 142 million monthly active users in India? Read more jaw-dropping numbers in this infographic: India's Internet in Numbers.

Social Brand Watch: You know what they say about assumptions. Jerry Clode is a marketing and branding expert living in Shanghai. Here are his Three Biggest Assumptions to Avoid in China.

The International Entrepreneur:  Having a website means that customers all around the world can find you. Maybe some already have. If you've become an " accidental exporter ", you're not alone. In this helpful blog post , Becky DeStigter explains how to know when it's time to get  proactive about your international business expansion and  start planning for global customers, instead of  reacting to them.

Ecommerce News Europe: Revenues from ecommerce  are expected to grow by 12% in Europe this year.  The U.K., Germany and France currently account for the majority of online shoppers. However, Ukraine, Turkey and Belgium are the fastest-growing markets. " The full potential of the European ecommerce market has not yet been reached." Read the highlights of Ecommerce Foundation's just-published European B2C Ecommerce Report 2016.

Moravia Blog: According to its own data, 92% of Google Translate's translations requests are from  users outside the U.S. So which language combinations are most commonly requested? And why should North American businesses sit up and take notice? Vijayalaxmi Hegde looks at the  Trending Online Languages You Shouldn't Ignore .

Content Rules: Videos are a hugely popular all around the world. But translating them into different languages for different international audiences comes with a particular set of challenges. In her most recent blog post, Val Swisher provides Three Best Practices for Creating Global-Ready Video for your business.

This is just a small sample of the many current articles  on international business and global marketing topics that you'll find in  Verbaccino's Flipboard magazine . New articles are added throughout the week.

#Holiday HeadsUp
for June 2016

Below are just a few of the many special holidays and observances coming up around the world
this month.

for the complete
June 2016 calendar.

  • June 2: Republic Day in Italy 
  • June 5: World Environment Day (UN)
  • June 6: First day of Ramadan (Islam)
  • June 9: Dragon Boat Festival in Chinese culture
  • June 10: Portugal Day
  • June 11: Shavuot begins at sunset (Judaism)
  • June 12: Russia Day
  • June 14: Raja Parba (Hinduism)
  • June 16: Youth Day in South Africa
  • June 17: National Day of Iceland
  • June 19: Father's Day in many countries
  • June 20: June solstice at 22:34 Universal Time
  • June 24: Saint John's Day in several countries
  • June 25: Statehood Day in Croatia and in Slovenia
  • June 28: Family Day in Vietnam

You can download this calendar as a PDF document  by clicking on the link, above,  and selecting "Save Page As".

Get more details about any holiday or observance on the calendar
by clicking on the specific entry.

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