We Are Adept at Adapting

In this season of pandemic concern and hysteria we want to assure you that Health Talents International is “adept at adapting.” In 1981 our first mission team working in Las Cruces, Guatemala was forced to flee during the civil war…four years later, we shifted our work to Belize before returning to Guatemala in 1989. We adapted!

September of 2001 found us with a surgical team in Chocoloa when the US was attacked on 9/11. Though traumatic and stressful for the team in Guatemala, all made it home safely.
We evacuated Clinica Ezell in 2005 due to hurricane Stan, altered our plans in June of 2018 when Fuego erupted and lived to serve another day. Whether it be mudslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or civil war, we have not wavered; only adapted.

The decision to suspend future trips for now and cancel the April surgical trip was not easy. We grieve knowing that patients already scheduled for surgery must now wait and for some, that waiting means suffering.