August 6, 2020

Dear friends and fellow disciples, 

I’ve been encouraging you all to sign up for the food distribution on Wednesday afternoons at Iglesia Presbiteriana Emanuel for a few months now, but I hadn’t actually been myself. So many of you have, and I am grateful to Cherrie for her coordinating and recruiting efforts and to Alex as well for organizing the youth. It has been a strong team effort.  

So Ella Brooks and I went yesterday. It. Was. Hot.

I was so inspired by Iglesia Presbiteriana Emanuel's coordination and work - which continues throughout the week - and I am thankful we can be a part of supporting this. I ended up with a big cart that I would unload, pull down the driveway, fill up with boxes, and push back up again.  Over, and over, and over.  I’m not as young as I once was!

But every moment I felt tired or wanted to sit down I'd see another car pull in. And another...and another. More than 300 cars had come through the line by the time I left - small cars and big ones, older cars and newer ones, filled with individuals and families. I waved at more than a few babies through the windows. The inequalities were clear even before the pandemic settled in, and the need is overwhelming. We’ll have to regroup a bit as we move into the fall, when some of the youth that usually help will have to be in school and the college students will not be as available. We will need your help. Get the details and sign up. I hope you’ll come join the saints as we sweat and work together, doing our best to be Christ’s hands and feet during these times.

There’s plenty below to read through, and I pray you’ll take the time. The work of the church continues, and you are needed.