Dylan in the USA . Using the GIMP carp fly design managed after a battle! to land this huge monster. Which is the biggest I've seen out my favorite carp water in the USA.
Hi guys, Great to be hearing from you with bookings and orders.

 I do really appreciate it all, thank many of you for recommending my flies to beginners in your clubs as well. I,m sure they will all have fun out there with you all.

There seems to be many of you out there that think.I have lots of employees, trust me it's only myself and my dog Trigger even after all these years. This is much smaller business and team than you may think, though still  full of passion and dreams.

The season is about to start here tomorrow and its been raining all night and morning and the local rivers will be all high and dirty tomorrow Monday no doubt which will be a shame for many heading out.

I've just had the dreaded NZ winter Flu that was going around the country and now its turned into Pneumonia which is annoying.

There is also something new and super cool coming out from Stu's Superior Flies ltd and I,ll let you know when to check it out very soon.


Hello There,
And many thanks again for another great newsletter to start the new season with. The film on brown trout in New Zealand was brilliant and I have passed it on to many of my fishing friends.

You do a great job and a massive service to all fisher folk, both resident in this country and from overseas.

I am no longer able to fish myself so I enjoy your stories and the content of your news letters. My sincere thanks.

Graham. NZ

As you can see there is always something going on. Check out these new black large carbon rod blanks

            TWO WEE JOKE'S

What is the best season to play on a trampoline - Spring time

Did you hear about the guy who got hit on the head with a can of soda? Lucky it was a soft one.


Hi Stu

Thanks again for your incredible flies. Apart from the journey and aim to catch fish.

I find myself playing with these minnows in the water in front of me and am in awe at how well they move and are balanced. Superb workmanship.

Kind regards

Warren  USA

I hope you enjoy the new fly designs as well as the new super SEXY colorful trout decals, made on the best UV vinyl.

They are known throughout the world now as the best trout stickers produced just like the fly designs.

Which is very cool to be hear.

 Do watch for the next news letter which will be very short with the new product for you to view, drool and smile at. It will be in your inbox very soon.

 Have a fun day :)

Cheers Stu & Trigger

Here is a photo of some fly design Geek deep in the Malaysian Jungle working on a fly design. He thinks he has got some great new idea for a fly design, just look at the concentration face. I bet he has a great toilet face!

If you wish to get a mixed selection of Stu's Superior fly designs for fishing anywhere in the world. Click the link below. You will be surprised how easy it is. YOU DO NOTHING! STU does all the work for you. How easy is that!

THE DEVASTATOR has been catching lots of NZ big browns and plenty saltwater fish around the world for six years now. Tied on the best strongest black nickle hook on the market.Comes in white,grey,black,pink,blue.  






  You may have thought I had forgotten about the photo of NZ's first and only NZ made full rod set
My good friend in NZ has been busy for the past year working on a super strong and powerful NZ made fly rod, NZ made fly reel,fly line,leader and tippet.

Considering Jimmy does not even fly fish working it all out is pretty impressive.
Its a big rod and reel set up ,and currently five meters long and the reel is the size of a large dinner plate and is now mounted to the side of NZ fly fishing school new building.
. The reel is from an old NZ mower.

Awesome voice and performance- plus she's hot! :) Dorothy - Flawless (From Capitol Studios)

I personally think she has an awesome voice and gives a great performance- plus she's hot! :) Dorothy - Flawless (From Capitol Studios)

Rebel Talent with a title like that and a purple sheep, It caught my eye. Some pretty good interesting takes on how to work in life and live in many different ways. Also some great we stories of some cool interesting people. The last quarter seemed to fizzle out which was a shame, still worth a read.

FINDING GOBI it was the only book in English I could find when I was in a remote town some traveler must have sold or swapped. Great story about an athlete and falling in love with a dog, the story made headlines and got crowd funding. Not the best book to read when you miss your dog, like I was at the time or reading it.

Before I left NZ for the Jungle. A lady with a small shop in NZ was in the news for selling Golliwog doll's as people said they were racist. She said people love them that's why I sell them and will keep selling them. I think the world has gone a bit over the top being politically correct. So i loved being able to buy a chocolate/black! teddy in Malaysia. The stall holder told me they sell like hot cakes and he tried whiter/lighter ones nobody wanted them. Could that be racist! :)

The HOT DOG nymph that got even more sexy and is now a favorite with many returning customers. Get your mitts on one of the HOT DOG range today! Everybody loves HOT DOG'S - even fish

Simon from NZ in action, first casting lesson of the new season, as you can see the casting arena is always getting bigger and better. The new meeting and teaching building is also so nearly finished, photos will come soon.Dreams do come true.

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