Learning Gate News 2018-19
Ms. Mason's Message
Welcome back! 
We have a had a great start to the school year! Please remember to follow the directions provide by staff members during dismissal. Their #1 priority is the safety of the students. Ponchos are also needed at LG every day. Remember to repack them once they have been used. 
I look forward to seeing you all at the Ice Cream Social on August 22, 2018 in Heron Hall. 
Ms. Mason - Principal
From the Board
Dear Parents and Students,
I hope the start of the semester has provided you with a smooth transition back to Learning Gate for existing students and a warm welcome to new families. I wanted to reiterate some recent and continued successes including the school’s “A” rating and congratulate the team of administrators, teachers, and students for their accomplishments.
As Principal Mason mentioned in her welcome letter, we are able to make several improvements to both campuses. These have already begun and thank you to volunteers who have helped with several projects already. Community is in our school name and I truly believe Learning Gate thrives due to the strong sense of community we have built. By helping our school and supporting our teachers and our students, and providing support to one another, we will continue to install that sense of community.
As LGCS Board President, I wanted to let you know that the board works very hard in the background, volunteering their time and serving the school. Each member of the board is dedicated and has the best interests of the school and the children when making recommendations and decisions for the school. While your contact will mostly be directly with the teachers, and then the Assistant Principals or Principal, you are always more than welcome to come to board meetings which are advertised on our webpage. We always have time at the beginning for public input.
We hope you will see Learning Gate to continue to blossom this year as the improvements are implemented. More improvements will come down the line as we must stagger them, so they do not disrupt our students.
 Students, hope you have a wonderful school year!
Regards, Jennifer Collins, PhD
LGCS Board President
Counselor Corner
New School Transitions
Tough Transitions: Transitioning into the new school year can be tough. Students wrestle with feeling overwhelmed the first few weeks of school and may even act out at home. If you find your child behaving more erratically, this could be a sign that they need some support transitioning into the new school year. Here are a few tips for smoothing out those tough transitions:

  1. Talk about it- As simple as it sounds, kids need to put words to their emotions. As a parent/guardian, you can model this for them by talking about how you feel during this transition. At the dinner table or other sit-down family event, say something like, “Whew! What a whirlwind it’s been getting back in gear for school. I've really been feeling the change. What about you?" Of course I encourage you to use your own wording, but the point is to name your emotional experience and normalize the anxiety that comes with new beginnings.
  2. Set Positive Goals- Framing the new year as a new opportunity can help students stay positive about the future. Try saying something like, “How would you like 5th grade to be different from 4th?" or “Wow, 7th grade is a big deal, what is most important for you to get out of this year?"
  3. Relax- Transitions take time. Expect some ups and downs in the next month or so. Your kid will forget things at home, leave assignments in class and may be a bit out of sorts in general, but that is no reason to stress. If you find yourself getting upset, look for a positive interaction first- like going for a walk together or having an ice cream date. Often times, taking a break will pay off when you correct your child's behavior. You are more likely to get through to him/her without yelling or having a power struggle when you are calm and connected. 
Here is to making the 2018-2019 school year the best one yet!
Lunch Information
Lunch Accounts/Ordering:   www.myschoolaccount.com
Food Service Contact:   jill@learninggate.org
Monthly Menu : August Menu

Volunteers Needed
Hanna Campus  — 10:45am–1:15pm
Lutz Lake Fern Campus  — 10:50am–12:30pm
No sign up necessary, please just come in!
3 shifts = one free dress pass
Family and friends welcome!

Hanna Campus  7:15am–7:50am
7 th  and 8 th  Grade Campus  7:15am–7:45am
Free, Reduced $.30, or Paid $2.00 cash
Includes Grain, Milk, Juice, Fruit

All school lunch meals must be pre-ordered 2 days in advance. The website is  www.myschoolaccount.com . Menus are posted monthly. If a meal is not ordered, the student will receive a cheese sandwich, fruit, veggie and milk. If hot food is available that will be offered on a first come, first served basis. The cost is $3.95 for paid meals, $0.40 for reduced meals and $0 for free meals. These charges will be applied to the student’s account. Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. Please check field trips before ordering ahead. Please check your child’s account regularly to review the balance.

For your convenience, we are now accepting cash or check payments to be applied to your child’s online lunch account. Payments can be made online at www.myschoolaccount.com , however, a $2 fee is applied for this service each time you add money.

Field Trips:
Field trip lunches are available to at www.myschoolaccount.com . Field trip options are only available when your child is attending a field trip. Lunches meet the nutritional standards of the National School Lunch Program. The cost is $4.00 for paid meals, $0.40 for reduced meals and $0 for free meals. Additional snacks and beverages are available for an additional charge. If you accidentally ordered a hot meal and wanted a field trip meal, please contact jill@learninggate.org to make an adjustment.

Snacks are available for $.75 during lunch hours. These snack items all meet the National School Lunch Snack standards. There is a 2 snack maximum.
 Kona Ice is for purchase on the first Friday of the month at the Lutz Lake Fern Campus and the last Friday of the month at the Hanna Campus. Extra volunteers are always appreciated on these days.

Applications are available  online  or in the front office. Please submit to Chef Jill for review.

Please note  ***Applications are for our school lunch program at Learning Gate. If you have filled out an application with the county or another school, you still have to apply here or contact Jill with pre-existing paperwork. ***
Disclaimer:   The U.S. Department of Agriculture prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees, and applicants for employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation.
Middle School News
The 7th and 8th grade experience at the Lutz Lake Fern campus has geared up quick and students are discovering all the wonderful opportunities available to them. 7th grade kicked off their introduction to our social skills and networking competition known as the Amazing Shake. They will be working diligently to hone these skills in the coming months in hopes to earn passage to the national competition in Atlanta. 
8th grade has an exciting field trip planned to JA Finance Town in early October where they will build off their experience at JA Biztown in 5th grade. This experience will give them a leg up on the competition as they compete in the Florida Stock Market Challenge in Mr. Reese's class in the Fall and Spring.
Student Council applications will be available early next week, so students can start to game plan their campaigns as they seek a seat on the council. Our sports programs also kick off next week as we work toward our first school championship. Soccer and volleyball tryout will happen next week, and Cross Country will begin on August 27th. More information about our Sports will be provided throughout the week.
These are just a taste of things to come as......it's great to be an LG student!
Flu Shots Available
LG Families!
Healthy Schools has partnered with Learning Gate Community School to provide no cost flu shots at each campus on October 1, 8:15-12:00. Consent forms will be sent home soon. 
Thank you, Nurse Pam
Ice Cream Social
Help the Heron Committee Meeting
Cub Scout Information Session
Calling all families who are interested in Cub Scouts for their K-5th son or daughter! Cub Scouts is open to ALL kids now. We invite you to come the Cub Scout Roundup on 8/23 to get more information about the adventures that await every child in Scouts. Kids are welcome to attend Roundup to enjoy the interactive play areas.
Please contact Ivana Sheppard at  pack37news@gmail.com  for more information.
“What to Expect” Dates
The Learning Gate teachers would like to invite to you to join us for an evening welcoming you, letting you know what to expect this year, and sharing the exciting activities we have planned for your child.
1 st grade is Tuesday, August 21 st from 6-8pm
Kindergarten is Thursday, August 23 rd from 6-8pm
5 th grade is Wednesday, August 29 th from 6-8pm
Please look for signage as to the location for your night
Parents please attend, leave children at home.
*You will receive 2 parenting education hours for attending this workshop.
We look forward to meeting you!
Volunteers we need you!
Here are a variety of volunteer opportunities that we use on a continual basis throughout the year. Want to be included in these groups?
Baking Bunch- baking for staff and events when needed.
Crafty Crew- creating items and event decor as needed.
Sign Squad- lettering and creating signs for the driveways.
Graphic Guru’s- designing flyers, banners & graphics electronically.
Carpenter Crew- hammering away at our small building needs.
Photo Posse- capturing the spirit of LG for promotional photos.
to be added to a group! Opportunities will pop up all throughout the year.
Student Login Info
Edsby Information-
Student Login: Student Number
PW: MMDDYYYY (Date of Birth)
Parent Login Info:
LOGIN and PASSWORD correspond to the parents SDHC login info that is used (or created) at:
New MySPOT accounts (which are used for Edsby as well) can be created at:   https://myspot.sdhc.k12.fl.us/public/register
(the student number and last four of the student's social security number will be needed to create an account.)
 Edsby will be available on August 10th.
If students or parents are having difficulty logging into Edsby, they can call the school district's Office of Communications at 813-272-4056. They can reset the account.
Volunteer Application
Anyone who plans to volunteer on campus or on field trips this school year MUST complete the Hillsborough County Schools Application for Volunteering. This online form replaces the SERVE form which used to be filled out in previous years.
This is required of ALL volunteers on campus or field trips this school year.
Hillsborough County Schools Application for Volunteering.
Spirit Items for Sale at Hanna Office
Spirit items for sale at Hanna Office
Spirit shirt $15
Car Magnet $10
LG Hats $10
  My School Account
Did you know there's an app available for the   myschoolaccount.com website? The apps let you check your account balance, view account history, and to see orders that have been placed.
The apps are available on both the Apple store and the Android store.