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Our yel-Low Safety Dolly is made famous by its low profile. This innovative design allows for easy loading and unloading, as well as, less worry of tilting and falling over.The yel-Low Safety dolly has 18 possible post positions vertically and 8 positions horizontally. Vertical posts are mostly used for steering or securing the load in place, the horizontal posts, however, increase the surface area of the dolly so you have more room to load product. This increase in surface area can only go so far though. That is why we came up with the Shuttle Dolly. The Shuttle Dolly offers all the versatility and ease of use as the yel-Low but with a larger base. 40% Larger!!!
  • Dolly Fits within Standard Doorways
  • Move in Any Direction
  • Move Multiple Objects, Different Sizes and Weights
  • Base Model Dolly Can Carry Up to 1000 lbs
  • Durable Welded Metal "Box" Construction
The Base model Shuttle Dolly can be configured with 4 swivel castes or with 2 fixed and 2 swiveling casters. The fulfillment Shuttle is ideal for warehouse operations. With the wheelbarrow handles, this load can be easily manuvered without touching the product. last but not least the Mattress Shuttle. This version offers the 5 inch omni directional casters, and longer 62.5" posts to hold any matress in place.
Base Model
Mattress Shuttle
Fulfillment Shuttle
Customize your dolly for your needs:
  • 4 inch casters fixed or turning
  • 5 inch casters fixed or turning
  • Add a pair of 56 in posts, 62.5" posts, 72" posts
  • Add 4 wheelbarrow brackets
  • Add a pair of breaks
  • Add Dock Transition Wheels
The Shuttle Dolly is quick and easy. Check out this video of so in so at such and such.

The chart below shows some specifics on the Shuttle Dolly. Click HERE to download a PDF on the Specifications on the Shuttle Dolly.

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