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August 2021
August thoughts...
August is the Sunday of summer...

A time of relaxing & recharging mixed in with a frenzy of everything we think we have to get done by September.

Despite that ever growing to-do list, it's important to be present and enjoy the moments. Yes, that means literally stop and smell the flowers on your way to that next appointment. Each moment we are given is a gift and it's up to each of us to make the most of each one.

Stay safe and healthy.

To Your Success!
-TheNetWorks Team
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NY: Putnam Valley
Come see 3 talented mediums on Saturday, 8/28 at the Putnam Valley Grange with Priscilla Keresey as your host!

Contact Priscilla for more info at
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From Our Members

Gearing up for the fall? We have a new catalog, great specials, and everything you need as you transition back to work, school. or however you are spending your fall! Check out my site,, and find what you need. Want share our great line with others? Reach out and we can start an online party, a facebook party, or a fundraiser completely run online! Have any questions? I'm here to answer them and help out however you need.
Need a speaker for your next event?
From Jay Maymi:

I'm excited to share my speaker reel with you. As you hear of a company or organization that is in need of a dynamic speaker with diversified topics to share of then please share with them my speaker reel.

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Money Miracles Membership

The Money Miracles Membership is intended for people who want to move beyond their fear and worry about money to create abundance and confidence in their lives!

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Succession Planning for Small Business Owners
From Monica Martinez-Hess:

Most business owners want to grow their businesses and maybe even pass them on to the next generation. But how many owners actually succeed? Relatively few, as it turns out. Studies show that only a third of family firms make it to the second generation, and just a sliver get passed on to the third generation. A key reason for this is that many companies lack proper succession plans.

To read more, click HERE.
The Jay Maymi Talk Show
Have you tuned in yet to The Jay Maymi Talk Show? Listen live on Sundays or visit for recordings of past shows.
In Closing
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