The Theater District
The Theater District was planned to be Titan City's answer to Broadway, with many stunning old structures built in the early 20th Century that still stand. In recent years, the neighborhood has developed shopping venues, museums, clubs and other businesses that took advantage of old theaters and spaces that had sat vacant for decades.
There are several theaters here including a large open-air theater situated on a grassy hill, a large symphony hall, as well as several smaller theaters consisting of show venues and arthouse cinemas.
Many of the buildings in this district are, oddly enough, owned by the Black Rose mafia. Most serve as legitimate private fronts for their activities and revenue, while others serve as leisure for their upper echelon and those members of the family who do something worth rewarding. Some of the area clubs, shops, and restaurants also feature another feature benefitting the Black Rose; upper floors are dedicated to bedroom accommodations where the Rose houses members who need to lie low and not be seen for a while.
In addition to theaters, the Theater District consists of museums, restaurants, shopping venues and clubs. The clubs range from old jazz halls to coffee houses with live music to neon-lit multilevel dance halls where they play the latest flavors of trance and beatdrop.
The Theater District neighborhood has many interesting spots to explore and is a favorite neighborhood in Titan City!