Theia's Calibrated Motorized Lenses awarded

Security Today's 2023 New Product of the Year.

Theia Technologies was awarded for their innovative design in the video surveillance advanced imaging technologies category for their Calibrated Motorized Lenses for Remote Image Optimization which are individually characterized and calibrated to provide a rich array of data sets. The calibrated data is provided so the user can optimize image quality in real time and without the requirement of difficult or costly field calibration fixtures, making it ideal for real-time imaging applications like video surveillance and other security applications.

“Theia is gratified to be recognized yet again for our leadership in imaging technology and the contribution we make to enhance video surveillance performance. As the importance of image processing grows for 21st century applications, Theia is proud to set the pace in optics for the security industry.,” said Jeff Gohman, president of Theia Technologies.

The lens' motorized focus, focal length, and aperture allow the installer to remotely control the lens to optimize the image at any time. With the addition of the calibration data such as distortion and focal length v. motor step curves the field of view can be calculated and the lens set to provide the best image detail for the application.  

Watch video on Calibrated Motorized Lenses here

Theia's VP of Advanced Tech, Mark Peterson presents on Theia's new Calibrated Motorized Lenses for Machine Vision at Photonics' Vision Spectra Conference 2023.

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Motorized Lenses - with motorized zoom, focus, Iris and IR Cut filter options, for 1/1.7" or 1/2.3"

Lenses with

Linear Optical Technology® for sensors up to 1/1.8” like our MY23F

4K Lenses like our ML610M 2/3" or SL/ML410M 1/1.7" provide 300lp/mm resolution in visible and NIR light

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