In the article 'Key Considerations in Lens Selection', vision system design consultant Milind Borkar discusses the factors to consider when selecting lenses and tools that can be used to support this important decision.

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One such tool is Theia's Image Resolution Simulator and Lens Calculator which helps users understand the tradeoff between working distance, field of view, and image resolution when properly designing a successful imaging solution. The calculator allows a user to input application variables such as camera resolution, sensor size, focal length, and distance from the object; and the tool returns an image that represents what you can expect to get with your combination of equipment and assumptions.

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Milind also discusses why system designers chose Theia's Ultra wide, no distortion lenses using patented Linear Optical Technology® to cover wide areas with fewer lenses. This technology removes barrel distortion from the image, increasing edge resolution and the probability of identification and detection of objects and individuals. Theia's ultra wide angle lenses cover up to 135° horizontal field of view providing multi-megapixel resolution in NIR and visible only models. CS and C mount options available for 1/2.3" image sensors or smaller.

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If your project calls for a narrower field of view, higher resolution, larger format or a motorized lens, Theia's Lens selection tool can help you choose the right lens for the imaging task. The lens selector allows users to quickly filter through Theia’s lens catalog by criteria including Focal Length/Range, Image Format, Resolution, IR Correction, Varifocal vs. Fixed, Motorized vs. Non-motorized, Mount Type, Iris Type and Minimum Object Distance. 

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