Thank You For Your Interest In
Theia's Ultra Wide No Distortion Lenses!
Theia’s family of ultra-wide no distortion rectilinear lenses use patented Linear Optical Technology® to correct barrel distortion optically & improve edge resolution without software or related latency. Up to 135 degrees HFOV, 5 megapixel, 200lp/mm resolution, in visible or NIR corrected, fixed or varifocal models, in C or CS mount. Shock and vibration resistant. For up to 1/2.3” image sensors. 

Theia's ML183 ultra wide varifocal has a Focal length of 1.8-3mm, a
HFOV of 115° using Linear Optical Technology®,
5+ MP resolution, NIR corrected, for up to 1/2.3" 4k camera compatible.
Theia's MY125 Ultra Wide Angle lens has focal length of 1.3mm, a HFOV of 135° using Linear Optical Technology®, 5 MP resolution, visible only for up to 1/2.5" sensor.
Theia's MY110 Ultra Wide Value Lens has a focal length of 1.7mm, a
HFOV of 120° using Linear Optical Technology®, 3 MP resolution, NIR corrected, for up to 1/3" sensor.