Continued Benefits of the Because of You Campaign:

We invite you to apply for another round of...
Theological Education Debt Reduction Grants for Rostered Ministers

Through the generosity of Because of You Campaign donors, our synod has additional grants to offer rostered ministers for debt reduction of student loans for seminary education in preparation for rostered ministry.  

Criteria: being a rostered minister of the NWWA Synod in good standing and in need of assistance with student loan repayment. These are grants. They are pure grace. Pure gift, in recognition of valued service. 

The application form is available HERE.

The deadline for application is January 31, 2021. 

A confidential panel that includes Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee, Assistant to the Bishop Andy Yee and Synod Vice President Kay Edgerton will review the applications. Grants will be given based on the most significant need.  

Gifts will be made directly to the financial institution holding the loan, and will be applied directly to the principal. The recipients (unless they choose to remain anonymous) will be announced at the Synod Assembly in May.

Please consult with your tax consultant as to potential tax liability.