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Listed below are the Theology course descriptions and required textbooks/materials needed for the 2019-2020 school year. If textbooks are mentioned below, these are in addition to the general eBook subscription (for more information on this, please review the newsletter being sent tomorrow). We ask that all students have their Theology textbooks by the second week of school (August 26, 2019). Below you will find the links to purchase your child’s textbook. If you have any questions, please email your child’s teacher.

We thank you for your continued patience and support. We look forward to an amazing school year!

6th Grade: Kylie Patino kpatino@damien.ed u , Dee Arrechi
7th and 8th Grade: Neil Nitta  
9th Grade: Gaston Gosselin
10th Grade: Ray Suganuma
11th Grade: Makana Aiona, Jeffery McGivern
12th Grade: Anvie Alcayde  
Religion 6 - We Are God's People
The sixth-grade program of the We Believe series is devoted to the study of God’s saving love for his people and his action in their lives throughout history. The students will come to a deeper appreciation of the person of Christ and of his presence in his Church through the study of salvation history and grow in their relationship with God and in giving witness of their faith.

Textbook: We Believe: We Are God’s People
ISBN: 978-0-8215-3056-6

Note: The textbook must be purchased through your child’s Religion teacher. The cost is $25.00. Please make checks payable to Damien Memorial School. Please write, “6th Grade Religion Textbook” in the memo.
Religion 7 - Christ Our Life: Jesus the Way, the Truth, and the Life
This course enables students to understand what life was like in Palestine when Jesus lived. Through study of the Scriptures (Gospels), students will learn (1) how the words and actions of Jesus apply to the lives of believers today, (2) the mystery of our redemption through the death and Resurrection of Jesus, (3) the Beatitudes as a code of life, (4) different ways of prayer, (5) and participating in the Sacraments.

Textbook: Christ Our Life: Jesus the Way, the Truth, and the Life
ISBN: 978-0-8294-3965-6

Note: Textbook will be provided by the teacher. Teacher has a classroom set.
Religion 8 - Christ Our Life: The Church Then and Now
I n this course, students study the tradition, mystery, and witness of the church. They will look at how the Church has survived social ideologies, political systems, and persecution over the past 2,000 years. Students will be challenged to think in different ways about timeless Catholic Truths to learn how God’s law can be used as a guide for doing today what Jesus did during his time on earth. 

Textbook: Christ Our Life: The Church Then and Now
ISBN: 978-0-8294-3966-3

Note: Textbook will be provided by the teacher. Teacher has a classroom set.
Religion 9 - the New Testament: The Good News of Jesus Christ
This course provides an in-depth study of the New Testament. Since Jesus Christ’s life, death and Resurrection are at the heart of the Christian mystery, this course begins by looking at the four complementary but unique portraits of Jesus found in the four Gospels. Next, it traces the spread of the Gospel as told in the Acts and Letters. The course also considers challenges faced by the early Church that emerge through a careful reading of the New Testament Letters and the Book of Revelation. Additionally, it closely examines what followers of Jesus in the early Church proclaimed about him, and explores the historical, religious and cultural world of Jesus’ time. Ultimately, the course guides students in seeing the relevance of the Gospel message for today’s world.

Textbook:  New Testament: The Good News of Jesus Christ   
ISBN: 978-1-59982-120-7

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Theology 10 - Church History: Apostolic Times to Today
During the first semester, the students are lead toward a deeper understanding of the history of the Church
from the time of Christ to the twenty-first century. The course starts by discussing the origins of the Church and its growth and persecution during Apostolic times. The course proceeds to discuss the Age of the Church Fathers and the examines the developments and challenges affecting the Church after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West. After reviewing the growth of the Church during the Middle Ages, the course introduces the students to the renewal and reform of the Church during the Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, and
Catholic Reformation. In the second semester, students learn about the Church’s efforts to spread the Gospel to the New World during the Age of Exploration. Subsequent units take students through the Enlightenment and its effect on the Church, the growth of the Church in the United States, the birth of the Church’s social doctrine, and the Church of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, including the Second Vatican Council.

Textbook: Church History: Apostolic Times to Today 

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Other Materials: 
Over Coming Evil with Good – The Edmund Rice Story by Brother James A. Houlihan, CFC, (141 pages)
NOTE: Book will be provided by the teacher. Teacher has a classroom set.

Holy Man – Father Damien of Moloka’i by Gavan Daws (252 pages).  
Theology 11 - Growing in Christian Morality, Living Justice and Peace
During the first semester, students examine questions such as: What kind of person am I becoming? What kind of person do I want to become? How do Catholic faith and teaching apply to my life? Virtues such as wise judgment, justice, wholeness and fortitude are covered, along with moral issues such as abortion, capital punishment, racism, poverty and peace. During the second semester, students critically examine their communities and society based on Biblical scriptures and seven major themes of Catholic social teaching.

Textbook: Resisting Happiness  By Matthew Kelly     
Theology 12 - Christian Lifestyle
This course is designed to aid students in facing the challenges of young adulthood so that they can shape a future that is hopeful, healthy, and full. During the first semester, students exam major life themes such as: identity and autonomy, creativity and learning, work, money and possessions, suffering and healing. The second semester examines sexuality, love, friendship, communication, and specific lifestyle choices: single life, married life, consecrated (religious) life, and ordained ministry. As students consider the developmental tasks of young adulthood and the four lifestyle paths, they will examine lifestyle issues and choices in light of the Gospel and the Christian tradition.  

First Semester Textbook: Creating A Christian Lifestyle By Carl Koch
NOTE: Book will be provided by the teacher. Teacher has a classroom set.

Second Semester Textbook:  You: Life, Love, and Theology of the Body (Workbook) 
ISBN: 978-1-94517-902-0
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