December 2013 News Letter
Word from Steve
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December & January Schedule
Tree of Life conference
Inner Healing intensive.
Christmas Dinner
Song of Solomon Conference
Father Heart of God Intensive.

What a year.
It has been quite an amazing year for KCHC. We have seen many people be healed and delivered. We have even seen some brought out of prisons. Some of us, (like myself) have quite a ways to go. But our God of hope (Rom. 15) is filling us with all hope, so we are pressing on; victory by victory, mountain by mountain. We sometimes have setbacks, then the Lord helps us get back up. I applaud you all for your courageous walk. I know you don't feel courageous sometimes, but believe me, you are. Anyone who gets back up and goes on for another round is most certainly that and more, by the Grace of God  

Let Him live through you for what ever you need Him to be. The Lion that rules and walks in authority over darkness. The eagle that sees truth and loves righteousness and hates evil. The man who loves like God. The ox who is the servant heart of God. Whatever you need him to be through you, he will be. Just ask my friend. He is the great I AM. The ALPHA and OMEGA.
Just let him live through.                                  

A Word from Steve

The Lord spoke two new words to me this fall about who we are and who we are becoming. The first is " friends helping friends". Friends with God is one of the highest privileges any person can have, and so it is with one another. There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your brother (friend) .No big shots, but friends. Then the second is that He is raising up "a community of shepherds". He told me it is a community that are Ps. 23 shepherds. One's who have the Father's heart for His people. These are the mothers and fathers we are wanting to see raised up. We say, yes, Lord!!    
Community News and Prayer

     Year at a Glance

Many people have been healed, delivered, and strengthened this year. He has been so faithful to meet His children. Isn't our Lord amazing?!  
 We have put our two new web sites up this year. One web site in English.Thank you Megan for building it. One is in Chinese. Thank you Jonathon and Cheryl Fan for helping us with that. We are putting all of our finances in to excellent order. Thank you Carmen Smith. We are in the process of putting most of our classes into weekend intensives directed by Michael Huntwork. Thank you Michael for that and for putting up a Prayer Chain together that covers Steve, Bev Bartlett, and KCHC   We have started a Video Department, with Jonathon and Cheryl Fan's help, in order to make short video teachings available on our website. We have just started our Writing Department, to put out booklets on our teachings. We have started a new one year class called Mastering Joy and Rest, by Jim Wilder, with Peter Van Der Stuer and Kory and Diva Sinclair's leadership. Yaaay!   Spencer and Jiun weremarried. Jerry and Becky Quinn moved to Taiwan as intercessors and inner healing missionaries. Thank you Tom Paterik, along with many others for doing intensives and regular classes this year. We are becoming a family of friends helping friends.                                                
Our Taiwanese friends are in town. We will be ministering to them many times this month. Please pray for our anointing in this. Please pray for them to get truly ministered to while they are here.  
Under Prayer Requests:
2)  Increasing grace and favor for the English and Chinese website's development and exposure;
3)  Wisdom for Jonathon Fan as he produces videos for the website; blessing on all the technology pieces;
4)  Anointing on the new writing department to produce booklets on the principles of inner healing and intimacy with God. 

BRFL Bookcover
December & January Schedule:

Dec. 6th & 7th ~ Tree of Life Conference ~ St Catherin's
Dec. 20th & 21st ~ Inner Healing Intensive - KCHC office
Dec. 22nd ~  Christmas Dinner 
Jan. 10th & 11th ~ Song of Solomon ~ IHOPKC MPR
Jan. 22nd & 23rd ~ Father Heart of God ~ KCHC offices

Holy Fascination: No charge. All come. Wednesdays, 6:30 pm. 

 Abide in Jesus.
                                       Let him be the Lion and the Lamb in you.

Tom and I hope that you experience the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a beautiful way this
Holiday season.


Tom Paterik
Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community
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