"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future." -
Jeremiah 29:11 
Therapeutic Caregiving
Every activity and every interaction is a chance to bring each little one 'on-line'.
Connection is at the heart of healing and I am driven to find what will make them reach out or what will allow them to let me in.

They are different. Each one with their own wounds, fears and behaviors that follow.
They are all somehow hidden away deep in their souls.
Trauma does that to a child.
Breaks them. One is never the same after trauma hits.
Sometimes I rock them.
Sometimes I sing.
Sometimes I just carry them on my hip.
Sometimes I hold, tightly, explaining they are safe.
I tell them they are loved. 
That in this house, we are kind.
That in this house, they do not need to fear.
Sometimes, they stare past me. And when I hold their face in my hands, they struggle to get free. It hurts to let someone look into your soul.
Connection. I must reach them. I am driven to find them.
Each action is intentional and sincere. And consistent.
Sometimes it is weeks, even months, before they will trust.
Each move must be accompanied with love that is genuine and felt.
They know if it isn't real. Not only do they not respond, they will act out in hate.
They will scream, hit, lie, disobey, all on purpose, because they know
if you can handle them or not. They know if you can love them or not.
The day had been long and as I was getting things ready for bed. I heard him whisper.
"Mom, I love you."
I was in the middle of fixing the sheets, in a hurry. It is no joke to prepare little boys for bed. 
Turning slowly around, I looked at the toys all over the floor. The spilt milk, the clutter, and mess were all evidence of the chaos of the day.
He was sitting there looking at me. His eyes staring. He didn't move. I crawled up into his little bed. My arms embraced his wired little body and we snuggled. 
Intentionally, I repeated his words.
He giggled and laughed, head thrown back, eyes sparkling...
Connection made.
Hope secured.
Healing begun.
A Family for Every Child
Have you, or do you know someone who has ever considered adoption or are planning to adopt an older child? Adopting an older child can be the most incredible and deeply rewarding way to form a family. 

The older children long to be part of a family and need unconditional love just like any other. There is no denying that adopting an older child or sibling group can be challenging. It requires perseverance, patience and a willingness to learn and respect the challenges and opportunities within an older child adoption. However, if an adoptive family is formed through unwavering commitment, for the right reasons, older child adoption can rewrite the future for these children. 

Currently we have several children, both individuals and sibling groups, on the Philippines Special Home Finding list. They need families. 

Mr R is 13 years old. He is an outgoing and happy boy who loves to make people laugh. His development was quite delayed when arriving at Gentle Hands and was assessed to be visually impaired (astigmatism) and hearing impaired. Despite this, Mr R has made significant progress in his development. His resilience and zest for life have given him hope for a family to call his own.

Miss E, Miss A and Miss K are siblings. They are 15, 14 and 10 years of age. These girls have a strong sibling relationship and are very protective of each other. They are healthy and active with a love for dance and music. Although they have been witness to physical and emotional abuse in their past, these beautiful girls have hope for a brighter future. They understand adoption and are hopeful that they will too have a family.

These beautiful children are waiting for the love and security that only a family can provide. As supporters and followers of Gentle Hands, you play a vital role in advocating for our children. Help us to find a forever family for these precious children.  If you are interested in adopting or have any questions regarding adoption, 
please contact as at contact@gentlehands.org. 
The New Partnership
Gentle Hands is excited to announce our new corporate partnership with International Diplomatic Supplies Dubai.  IDS was founded in 1997 and is one of the world's leading duty-free suppliers to the Diplomatic Corps.  IDS has generously come on board to help support Gentle Hand's Home School Program.  In addition to financial support, IDS is sending over three teams from their Dubai Section to help with our Home Schooling Program.
The first team completed their two-week volunteer program last month.  They were really challenged to move out of their comfort zones and did an amazing job.  They showed love, patience and compassion with all the children in their care and we can't wait for them to visit again.  Here are a couple of their testimonials:


"I want to thank Gentle Hands and Charity for having made all this possible.  This whole experience has been a wakeup call and eye opener.

Nothing is granted in life.... just seeing the smile of the Children and their joy to come to school every morning knowing what they have been through was the biggest reward.  Gentle Hands has restored the faith in these children by providing love, attention and education. 

Some will have a forever family, some not, but they will still have a family within Gentle hands itself.  These 2 weeks have change my view about life, the children have adopted us and accepted us as one of them.  We have gone out of comfort zone and have seen what other abilities we had such a teaching!

I carry the smile, love, strength and faith of you all from children, carers, counselors and staff in mind and heart...you all do an amazing job for these beautiful souls.  I believe and have faith again in God's power and love."


"This experience has changed my life forever and I would like to thank Gentle Hands for the opportunity to meet you all.  I want to adopt them all and it has made me realize that having been adopted myself, how lucky I have been, and it makes you realize not to take anything in life for granted.
Seeing the smiles of the children every day brightened up my day and life and it was fantastic to see what how happy they all are in Gentle Hands.
The Thursday night at devotions was one of the most emotional times I have ever experienced and I literally couldn't speak for fear of bursting into tears!! The children have found a way into my heart which will now never leave me!!
I am so glad that I have been able to make an impact on them all even if only for 2 weeks and I certainly know that I will be back again and again to Gentle Hands to help and support the wonderful work you all do!!  I am missing the kids very much and look forward to seeing them all again soon.
This experience has restored my faith in the human race and how small things can make all the difference in creating happiness to people!!"

We are looking forward to the second team arriving this month and continuing the work with our children.  We are so thankful for IDS's support and we know their help will have a real and meaningful difference to the lives of children in our care.