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The Hernandez Center 
for Adjunctive Cancer Care


Although we realize that a newsletter is a marketing tool, we are put off by newsletters that are heavy in promotion and light in practical information.   Our thought has always been that giving practical, useful information was the most effective marketing we could do.  To this end, we offer in this newsletter therapies and approaches to healing that we have observed to be effective. 

We begin this issue of the newsletter by announcing the next Saturday Myers Cocktail party.  Saturday, August 4, from 8:00 AM to Noon.  See article immediately below for details.

In this issue, new associate, Anandini Wadera, L.Ac., offers insights into one of her specialties, vision-related problems; Dr. Connie follows with an enlightening article on the spirit of naturopathic medicine; Dr. Marcel discusses the mental/emotional/spiritual perspectives that long-term cancer survivors share; and Dr.Connie then writes about simple therapies that really work.  Jane H. follow with her informative article on the power that hypnosis has to transform the experience of life.

Once again we recommend CBD oil as a therapy that is very effective with muscle-skeletal pain and discuss the powerful role that glutathione plays in a number of physiological areas.  Glutathione is available in a liposomal oral product in our clinic as well as by IV.

Dr. Marcel returns with his oft-requested recipe for faux meatballs; our thermography article discusses reducing risk ratings; and in our Hawaii retreat section we repeat the volcano eruption update that we published last month.

The  Hernandez Center for Adjunctive cancer care articles include the relationship between Vitamin C and stomach and colorectal cancer, information on fasting for cancer, and the benefits of turmeric in cancer care.

We want to remind our readers about a new service: we now offer telemedicine.  Forget traffic congestion and unpredictable commute times. Do you have friends and family in areas not serviced by naturopathic doctors, and needing complementary and alternative medical opinions?  Consider the options of having phone visits on our dedicated phone lines, or FaceTime visits.  Schedule with the front desk, as you would schedule any appointment.
Finally, once again,  we are delighted to introduce our new associate, Anandini Wadera.   She is a perfect fit for our practice with her emphasis on adjunctive cancer care, women's health and eye-related disorders.  You can find her self-introduction below.  She is now scheduling Tuesdays in August.

May all beings be healthy and happy!

Dr. Connie, Dr. Marcel, Dr. Sage, Jane H., Anandini W. and your health care team  at Pacific Naturopathic and the Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care

Saturday Myers Cocktail Mornings 
Next Party: August 4
Patients enjoying our last Saturday Myers Cocktail Party

Our initial Saturday Myers Cocktail Party was a huge success with a room full of chatting, happy guests. I.V. patients love interacting and learning from each other while receiving their I.V. therapies. This being so,

Please join us for our next  
Myer's Cocktail party
Saturday, August 4, 
between 8:00 AM and 12:00 Noon.  

Just for fun, our Saturday parties feature healthy snacks, hot teas and cold barley tea, plus chit-chat with the doctors and other patients.

Rates for Myers Cocktails will be discounted on August 4 only!  Usually $145; Saturday, July 7, $125 (addition of glutathione is $50 extra).

(Note: Myers Cocktail Parties are open to all patients who have previously
received I.V. therap ies with us or from a referring doctor.  Patients new to us and/or new to I.V. therapies will need a prior 30 minute safety and orientation consult with one of our doctors. Schedule in advance for prioritized service or just feel free to show up.  Other IV therapies are available as well at certain start times but are not discounted.)

Want to find out about the Myers Cocktail? 
Read Dr. Alan Gaby's excellent  monograph HERE

A New Way of Seeing--
Through Acupuncture 

Anandini Wadera, L.Ac.
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have existed as a healing system for thousands of years. Acupuncture accesses the body's Qi-the body's life force-to open blockages and create smooth circulation throughout the body. The needles and acupressure activate and promote the body's innate ability to heal itself. 
According to the Chinese Medicine paradigm, the Qi flows along meridians, or pathways that correspond to organ systems. These systems hold both physiological and energetic properties, such that one meridian can relate to an emotion, direction, season, sensory orifice and organ. For example, the Yin Wood meridian corresponds to the Liver, Gallbladder, reproductive health, tendons, eyes, anger and follows a pathway from the big toe to the top of the head. 
While some of this medicine's beauty lies in its esoteric, energetic roots, the meridians seem to follow, what we know today as, myofascial tissue and nervous system pathways. In fact, just this past April a new organ was discovered: the interstitium, a network of tissues that encases the entire body-organs, arteries, veins. Researchers are wondering if this may finally be able to explain the beauty of acupuncture and its interconnected web that treats the individual, not just the disease. 
It is with this lens that Chinese medical ophthalmology looks at the human body and its systems as an interconnected whole, not as isolated parts, to access the eyes and vision. 
We often take our health and our ability to see for granted. Many of us would be at a loss without the help of glasses, contact lenses and an assortment of lubricating eye drops. Vision is easily our dominant sense, and it is responsible for 70-85% of our perception. It is not only the sensory act of seeing but deriving and understanding what was seen. Vision and eye health is often considered an extension of the brain, through the cranial nerves II, III, IV, and VI. But how many people connect their ability to see with their nutrition or their stress levels or their emotions or the number of times they blink?
Acupuncture improves blood circulation, decreases inflammation and allows nutrients to be delivered to the eyes and brain.

It stimulates the visual cortex of the brain and activates dormant cells to manage vision loss. By looking at your Liver, Gallbladder, emotional state, neuromuscular relationships, your eyes may benefit too!

New associate, Anandini Wadera, L.Ac., has office hours at Pacific Naturopathic 
on Tuesdays.  Please phone 650-961-1660 
for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Connie's Musings...
Dr. Connie summoning healing energy
at a temple in Japan

On Traditional Naturopathy

Old time naturopathy relied on vitalisim, the honoring of the Vix Medicatrix Naturae, or healing power of nature and of natural remedies.  Over time, partially in deference to the call for scientifically validated medicine and to the insurance companies who hold the purse strings, naturopathic doctors have evolved our medicine. There is still a committed vitalistic community. Dr. Benjamin Alter who was with us here at Pacific Naturopathic last year is an inspiring and enthusiastic example of a doctor who has held to the ideals. 

Naturopathic doctors also hold to the fundamentals of treating the whole person, seeking the cause rather than simply eradicating the effect, understanding the functions of the systems of the body. (Patients all too often call and question whether we know any doctors who practice functional medicine.  Naturopathic doctors have always practiced what has become known as functional medicine as enlightened conventional doctors have jumped on the bandwagon.)

At any rate, the current trend in the medical mainstream is towards biochemical and genomic understandings, sophisticated laboratory testing, specialization, and greater reliance on more conventional medical methods. None of this is bad, mind you. Biochemical mechanisms of action and genomic variability inform our decisions when choosing medicines for a patient. Integration of conventional and "complementary" medicine is a laudable goal. 

However, to quote Joni Mitchell's poetry, "somethings lost, but somethings gained in living every  day." Fundamental to all of this complexity is the time tested simplicity of lifestyle medicine. Wellness depends on fresh air, pure water, a balanced diet, physical movement, a feeling of purpose, meaningful relationships, a perspective larger than oneself.  

Coaxing patients into wellness based lifestyles was within the purview of old time family docs, and is fundamental to the training of naturopathic doctors. Why obsess about your 23 and me findings if you are unwilling to make fundamental underlying changes such as foregoing your caramel macchiato and chocolate chip muffin, or going gluten free when you've been proven to be gluten sensitive? 

Well researched drugs like Cyclophosphamide may slow or even stop the progression of a deadly cancer, but do little to heal the person who has hosted the cancer. When oncologists tell patients that it doesn't matter what they eat or what lifestyle changes they make, as long as they follow the drug based regime proven specific to their cancer type, the patient has little chance of healing.  

With this understanding, I read the teachings of the old time naturopaths and applaud their wisdom. Many teachings are quite simple, but have a profound impact on health. Bathe in the early morning sun. Walk barefoot on the dewy grass in the morning. Sweat daily. Exercise, but not to excess.  Laugh heartily. Avoid overindulgence. And so on.  These simple teachings are universal in their efficacy, and are the foundation on which our sophisticated scientific medicines must depend.  
Listening to NPR in my car today, I heard a discussion in which a doctor was mourning the loss of the time to connect with patients on the level at which he might not only question, but also teach these lifestyle principles, thus restoring the human connection in medicine and promoting healing. That would ultimately be what works in medicine.

Read more about the medical services Dr. Connie offers  here:

Cancer and Chronic Illness: 
 Perspectives That Work!


As many of you know, my medical practice is mostly focused on helping people meet the challenges they face when coming to grips with cancer.   And as we age, it seems as if more people we know are dealing with not only cancer, but some form of chronic illness.  How do we work with chronic illness from the vitalistic and naturopathic perspectives Dr. Connie wrote about above? What supportive energetic directions can we move in?

Long-term cancer survivors share a number of commonalities.  At the top of the list, separated from all the others, are three.

Cancer commonality #1: Long-term cancer survivors have a source of comfort and emotional support -- friends, family, church, support groups, counselors, medical team, etc.

Cancer commonality #2:  Long-term cancer survivors believe they are going to survive and they have a powerful will to live.  They also take an active and energetic approach to wellness.  

Cancer commonality #3: Long-term cancer survivors have a deep source of connection to something greater than themselves.  To me, this is the heart and soul of dealing with any chronic illness.

Saying that one believes in God rolls easily off the lips; it is much more difficult to say that one is consistently in a state of consciousness where surrender to God's will is predominant in consciousness. I don't mean that a person with a chronic illness just sits back and does nothing. It is our privilege and our joy to be able to make consciously healthy decisions on behalf of our body and treat it like the temple it is.  But our body temple is merely a physical structure, only existing to house an ineffable soul.  It is a mistake to worship the temple while paying lip service to the essence that it houses.

A patient came to me the other day who had had a recurrence of his lung cancer.  Although he is on a spiritual path, he is extremely attached to his bodily existence, pointing out that he didn't feel his work was yet completed in this lifetime.  As spoke with him, I began to realize that his attachment to his form was almost entirely about his lack of trust in God and his fearfulness of what lay ahead of him in a body-less existence.  He was very clearly worshipping the temple and ignoring the substance within.  Although mentally in tune with the precepts of his path, he found little comfort in them when confronting his mortality.  
As he continued to demonstrate his attachment to the material world, his fear of leaving it and his inability to access the truth of creation as he knew it, I tried to both turn the conversation to the kind of medical therapies that might be useful and to help him re-align with the principles of the spiritual path he had followed for so many years.  I knew that this re-alignment might not save his life, but would ensure his happiness for whatever time he had left inhabiting his own personal temple.

The expression, "Thy will be done," is found in three different places in the Bible.  I resonate with Lawrence Wilson, MD's, interpretation: "Please God or Creation, merge with me in order to bring forth the true desire of God in and through me."

The end result of having a connection to something greater than oneself 
is the banishment of fear, the true experience of trust and the absolute bliss 
engendered by surrender to the will of God.

For more on Dr. Marcel's work click  HERE.

Simple Therapies That Really Work

Connie Hernandez, N.D.
From time to time, in this newsletter, we've focused on products that we carry at our clinic that stand out as multipurpose, powerful, and predictably effective. Among those are Sita's Turmeric Paste (from From Hawaii with Love), our Extra Strength CBD Oil Balm, RxEme cream, Bulletproof Brain Octane, and Colloidal Silver, and more.
Today, however, I'd like to focus on a few items that you either already have in your home, or can easily find at your local drugstore, health food store, or even grocery. 
#1 Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches

What with all the moving in, moving out, packing, unpacking, lifting, organizing and reorganizing in the past 3 months of our recently peripatetic existence, Dr. Marcel and I have found it necessary to conduct a nightly Salonpas ritual. While we are not particularly enamored with the inactive ingredients, the active ingredients are camphor, menthol, and methyl salicylate, all topical analgesics.  These patches really do work for strains, sprains, aches and pains! Apply at bedtime and the magic happens overnight.
#2 Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar All Natural Drink

Most of you know the many benefits of apple cider vinegar, but may still have difficulty forcing yourself to drink it. This Bragg's drink combines acai, white grape juice and stevia with apple cider vinegar.  It's quite good. We've moved to making our own with 3 parts blueberry juice to 2 parts apple cider vinegar and organic stevia extract to taste. We've found it very useful in preventing those pesky and painful nighttime leg cramps. We take a shot glass serving before bed at night.
#3 Magnesium... spray, flakes, oral, any which way

Epsom salts or Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes in your bath relax your muscles and, particularly with added baking soda, soothe your body and mind. Sprayed or rubbed on, magnesium "oil" loosens constricted muscles, and avoids the intestinal issues that sometimes accompany oral magnesium.  Magnesium promotes GABA, the calming neurotransmitter, and can be a significant sleep aid. Though generally best in oral form for this purpose, one of our patients solved his sleep problem by massaging magnesium oil into his legs and arms several times a day. 
#4 Salt (not the sodium chloride kind, but mineral rich salts such as sea salt and Himalayan salt). 

Salt is your friend if you have sinus or allergy issues. Many who suffer from allergies swear by the morning and evening use of the neti lota pot. Salt water gargling can stop a sore throat and decrease dental issues. Salt rooms, where guests inhale the vapors, have become increasingly popular for the treatment of deeper respiratory issues.  
#5 Raw organic honey

Honey is anti microbial (to bacteria, viruses and fungus) and anti-inflammatory. It is well known as a cough suppressant, the best for this purpose and for soothing the throat being Manuka Honey. Honey has been used topically for skin issues and even eye disorders. Local honey can help diminish hay fever symptoms. You'll find organic honey in Sita's Turmeric Paste and in Empyrean Guard for immunity and Depths of Moku for sleep which we do carry in the clinic.

Read more about Dr. Connie's work HERE

Recommended by 
Dr. Connie and Dr. Marcel...

For Sale in our clinic...

Things that work as advertised:
CBD Oil Balm from Plus CBD

We use this ourselves for our aches and pains...

CBD Oil Balm, Extra Strength, from Plus CBD is a hemp derived Non GMO, gluten free formula with no artificial dyes or fragrances. For topical use only, this oil is pure and consistent and has a Seed to Shelf guarantee. Each 1.3 ounce bottle contains 100 mg of CBD. 

Patients who had used other topical CBDs and not found them effective have consistently received pain relief from this product for issues ranging from sore joints and muscles to ankylosing spondylitis. 

In our office now for $50 a jar.

I.V. Glutathione Benefits for Optimal Health


Glutathione benefits include living longer, living better, better sports performance, slow aging and increased energy. Glutathione (GSH) is made naturally by our bodies. It is our body's master antioxidant and detoxifier.   GSH deficiency is linked to about 70 diseases including cancer, heart disease, stroke and many others.
Here are the benefits of having increased levels of glutathione in our bodies:
1. GSH is the body's master antioxidant and detoxifier. Vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin E and alpha lipoic acid become unstable after they have neutralized free radicals. GSH re-stabilizes the vitamins, allowing them to do their job again and again. Deficiency of GSH makes other antioxidants ineffective in fighting free radicals.
2. GSH is anti-inflammatory.  GSH rids the body of  free radicals, preventing cellular inflammation which leads to many diseases. GSH is the body's fire extinguisher.
3. GSH is abundant in the liver. The liver is the main organ of detoxification, ridding the body of waste materials.  GSH also removes drug poisons, environmental toxins and heavy metals from the body.
4. GSH transports proteins and nutrients into the cells.  Even with a good diet, lack of GSH may lead to malnutrition.
5. GSH protects the immune cells from oxidative stress, allowing immune cells to neutralize viruses and bacteria.
6. GSH is needed for energy production. GSH protects energy-producing cells from oxidative damage.
7. GSH never becomes a free radical. GSH constantly recycles itself in order to neutralize free radicals and support other antioxidants.
8. GSH slows down aging. Studies indicate that higher GSH levels are protective against age-related diseases. 
9. GSH protects your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light. It can  help prevent macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease. 
10. GSH improves the condition of skin, hair and nails.  GSH improves skin health by helping keep it moist, supple and inflammation free. It also stabilizes collagen, helping to prevent premature aging.
11. GSH induces delta wave sleep. When GSH is oxidized, two oxidized GSH molecules come together to form GSSG, Glutathione disulfide. GSSG creates deep and restful sleep, allowing the body to fully repair and rejuvenate itself.
12. GSH supports peak athletic performance and accelerates muscle recovery. Athletes may experience better endurance and  faster recovery. 
Intravenous glutathione therapy is  available  in our office.  
A simple GSH push takes about 10 minutes. Combined with a Myers Cocktail, 
glutathione is restorative and powerfully anti-aging.



Interested in exploring the world of IV nutrient therapy?  
Dr. Marcel is happy to address any of your questions.

Please phone 650-917-1121 for more information.

Why Experience Hypnosis? 
...Don't get Me Started

Jane 2013

I often write about EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) because most people have not heard about it and it's too good to keep undiscovered. Not only do I teach EFT but I spread the word about how powerful it is. But today I want to set the record straight about hypnosis which I also do with every client.
First of all, we hypnotists do not use a swinging watch...unless, of course we are portraying a hypnotist in a movie. Nor do we take control over someone and use them for nefarious deeds. Hypnosis provides great material for drama but it is far, far from the truth.
So what is hypnosis anyway? For one thing, hypnosis is a way to achieve change.
Think of what you might want to change about yourself. How about beliefs which control your life? Let me give you some examples, I'm too old for________, I'm not smart enough, I'll never find someone to be with, no one listens to me, I'll never lose weight, etc. We all have limiting beliefs but once we change them we can make progress in our lives. 
Hypnosis gets to the root of what we believe about ourselves...right through the stumbling blocks. And it allows us to change from the inside out. 
So how does hypnosis work?
Just to be clear, hypnosis isn't something that's done to you. It's a process that happens inside you all the time. Have you ever been driving, and then realized that you passed your exit and never even saw it? Or have you ever looked down at your arm, saw a large black and blue mark, and never noticed what you hit? That's hypnosis too. 
The hypnotist leads you into focused concentration and deep relaxation. Once there, access to the subconscious mind and the changes you desire are more possible . Think of it like changing the old programming of your mental hard drive (the subconscious) for a new version without bugs. All these changes are what you desire and have agreed to in advance. 
Overcoming fears is one of the most common uses of hypnosis . We all have fears, for example, fear of flying, bugs, snakes, the dark or even fear of failure. Hypnosis provides a peaceful, safe place to face fears and then perceive them from a different perspective where we can neutralize them. 
It's a tremendous freedom to leave fear behind and allow yourself to have experiences that were previously avoided. I had a young client who had many opportunities for travel that were closing down to her because her fear of flying was getting stronger as she got older. We did 2 sessions together and it opened up the world to her...literally.  
Another area that hypnosis excels in is changing are habits. Think about you have any habits you'd like to change?
There is no better way to quit smoking than with hypnosis. That's an easy one but most habits can be changed and a positive habit installed. Remember that hard drive in your brain that I referred to? Yes, you can change that eating habit, that poor study habit or how about that procrastination? It's so frustrating to allow bad habits to control our lives. How about being in control of these habits? How about finally being the boss of you? Hypnosis provides a path.
So many clients come to me because their lives have reached a point of change and they want to reset goals. 
Hypnosis allows you to assess where you are, where you want to go, what's achievable, and then create a strategy to get there.  I had a client recently who was on the verge of retirement from his business but needed a plan and the strategy to get there. The truth is, he had a plan but was not making progress on moving forward with it. We worked on clarifying his well-formed plans, and then internalized success. He found that taking action created a flow that was energizing. Conscious effort will move you forward, but the effort of the subconscious mind works for you evenwhile you're sleeping.
Hypnosis is not magic because you already have within you the answers to your challenges. Just take that first step, open the door and walk through. No quacking like a duck required.

* * * 

Jane sees clients at Pacific Naturopathic on Thursdays 
and in Sonoma and by appointment.
Schedule an appointment with Jane Hernandez, CCHT, by phoning 510-676-1460, or by email at

* * *
For more information about Jane and her work click here.
Medical Humor:  A Break From 
"Matters of Consequence"

About food:
Dr. Marcel's Faux Meatballs

Anytime I make these meatballs I get asked several times for the recipe.  They can be made to be included in a pasta dish or served by themselves as a separate entree. 

The final mixture can also be shipped as a meatloaf and served in that manner.

A pesto sauce is excellent, but any sauce may be used.

olive oil
1/2 eggplant, diced in 1/2 inch cubes
1 onion, diced fine
1 cup bread crumbs
1/2 cup grated parmesan
3/4 cup pulverized pecans
1/2 cup pecan pieces
2 beaten eggs
20 basil leaves, chopped fine
1 carrot, julienned or diced very fine
salt to taste
pepper to taste


1.    Heat oil in large skillet.  Sautee onion in ¼ cup olive oil on medium heat, for 3 or 4 minutes.

2.   Add eggplant and cook until soft. Water should begin evaporate from eggplant. As eggplant is sautéing, add about 1/2 tsp salt.

3.   When eggplant/onion mixture has reached a brown, pasty but still moist consistency, turn off heat and allow to cool.  When cool, mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

4.   Form into loaf or meatballs. 

5.   For meatloaf, bake meat loaf covered at 375 for 40 minutes, uncover and bake until meatloaf mixture starts to brown on top. 

6.   If making meatballs, wet hands and form into slightly squashed balls about two inches in diameter. Pan fry in olive oil, browning both sides.  Meatballs may also be oven baked.

7.   Serve with sauce of your choice.


Absolutely yummy!

Breast Thermography at
Pacific Naturopathic
- reducing thermal risk ratings -


One very simple way to decrease high thermal risk ratings on breast thermography exams is to relieve lymphatic congestion. The first step is to forego the use of underwire bras which are, by their very nature, congestive. The second step is the daily use of lymphatic breast massage. Click on the link below for an explanation and a video of Daya Fisch demonstrating lymphatic breast massage. 
I have often seen thermal risk ratings revert to normal after 3 months of daily lymphatic massage. The efficacy is enhanced with the use of our Itires cream and/or Itires drops. A palatable amount of unsweetened cranberry juice in water also cleanses the lymph, and rebounding gets the lymph flowing.

Read more about 
breast  thermography  at
Pacific Naturopathic   here.

Pacific Naturopathic Hawaii: 


Check Future Openings 
(then click on "Calendar")

Imagine yourself here:  Dr. Connie waits patiently for whales to breech 
Finding yourself in need of a quiet space in which you might restore your outer self through communion with nature, and re-experience the peace and calmness of your deep inner Self? 

In light of the eruption of Kilauea Volcano, and the ongoing news reports and videos re the catastrophic fires and lava flows, acid rains and vog on the Big Island, many of our patients have expressed concern re our Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center. 

We thank all of you for your concern, and want to assure you that we are not adversely affected in the ways you might imagine. We are shocked and saddened at the overnight destruction of Kapoho, one of the most beautiful and serene areas in the world. Our hearts go out to the many who have lost their homes and their livelihoods. However, our area of the island is far from the devastated area. A friend in Honokaa has written a blog clarifying the areas of the island affected, and assuring all that life goes on on much of the island and in Honokaa. The air is pure as the trade winds seldom send the vog to our area of the island. Click HERE  for Dianne's very informative blog.
This being said, plan a retreat at Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center for relaxation, pure and simple. Lie in the sun. Swim in the ocean. Wander on the land. Marvel at the colors and fragrances. Enjoy luscious tropical fruits (you'll find a basket of fruit waiting for you on check-in). Indulge in a massage. Take time to just be!   So, if you feel the calling for an island vacation, check out our calendar and journey on over!

Check our RETREAT CALENDAR  and see if there is an opening that works for you.

* * *

Isn't it time you treated yourself to a magical experience?
Come, enjoy, rejuvenate and reinvent yourself. 

For more information, please visit our dedicated web site.

The Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care

News and Commentary on Cancer Topics

* * * * *

What We Offer  at the  Hernandez Center 
for Adjunctive Cancer Care

There is light in the darkness

Our cancer patients often ask us to give them an estimate of the effectiveness of therapy at the Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care. We respond that  our entire focus is on helping our patients stay healthy, upbeat and positive. 

The truth is that the botanical and nutritional therapies we offer (including  intravenous vitamin C), although 'adjunctive' in nature, have powerful documented actions in decreasing inflammation, reducing tumor load and attacking cancer stem cells. 

  Our mind/body approaches are focused on transformation of experience.  And our bodywork approaches help reduce muscular pain, resolve lymph drainage problems and relieve stress. 
  The hope we offer is not that of a miraculous cure, 
although we are definitely open to miracles, 
but the hope of a life lived to the fullest in dignity 
and understanding, for however long that may be.

Can Vitamin C Lower 
Stomach and Colorectal Cancer Risk?

Vitamins are organic substances that are found mainly in plants and are essential in small amounts for your health, growth, reproduction, and maintenance.
You need to consume vitamins regularly, since they either cannot be made at all or are not made in sufficient quantities in your body. For instance,  vitamin C is considered to be an "essential" nutrient because you cannot make it at all in your body, so you must get all the vitamin C you need from the foods you consume.

Can Intermittent Fasting 
Help Prevent or Beat Cancer?

Dr. David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS

Fasting has been practiced by all of our ancestors unintentionally due to a lack of available food at times. It has also been practiced consciously by many of the most intelligent and spiritually advanced people around the world. This healing strategy costs no money and has an incredibly rejuvenating effect on the immune system and cellular mechanics.

The Benefits of Turmeric 
 for Cancer Treatment

Ty Bollinger

For much of the world, adding turmeric to a food dish is like adding salt and pepper when grilling a steak.

The orange-colored spice, that's native to India and Indonesia, is revered for its culinary and therapeutic benefits.

It's primarily known for its anti-inflammatory properties used to treat health issues like urinary tract infections, bruises, and chest pains.

These days, researchers are finding that turmeric may be able to prevent and even treat cancer.

Other I.V. Therapies Offered at Pacific Naturopathic and the Hernandez Center

--I.V. therapy is not just for cancer patients--

Many people have already heard about intravenous vitamin C as a complementary cancer therapy to help stimulate the immune system as well as being directly cytotoxic to cancer cells. This is the most common therapy we use at the Hernandez Center for our cancer patients. 
But intravenous therapy is not just for cancer patients.   More than half of our IV patients come for various  "cocktails" to help them ward off infections and optimize their health.  We offer a number of individualized versions of the famous "Myers Cocktail." Read about the Myers Cocktail HERE
Other cocktails we offer promote brain health, assist the liver in its detoxification efforts, relieve the symptoms of chronic fatigue, help reduce stress, bring rapid relief from sinusitis, colds and flus, address immune system disorders, slow the progression of macular degeneration, reduce chronic pain and fibromyalgia and many other conditions.

Who Would Benefit from IV Vitamin Therapies?

Although anyone could benefit from IV therapy, people with the following health concerns especially benefit from IV therapies:
  • Advanced Aging
  • Allergies
  • ALS
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Asthma
  • Atherosclerosis 
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Before and after surgery
  • Cancer treatment
  • Cancer prevention
  • Chron's Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Colds and Flus, both preventive and acute treatment
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Dementia
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Detoxification
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • Fatty Liver
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gastritis
  • General health maintenance
  • Hangover recovery
  • Heart disease
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • High blood pressure
  • Immune system disorders
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Insomnia
  • Joint Replacement candidates
  • Liver detoxification
  • Low functioning immune systems
  • Lyme disease
  • Macular degeneration
  • Malabsorption syndrome
  • Migraine headaches
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • PMS
  • Post Stroke
  • Post trauma/post surgical wound healing
  • Prior to important events, meetings or travel
  • Respiratory infections
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Serotonin increase in the brain
  • Sinusitis
  • Times when one cannot afford to be tired or Ill
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Ulcers
  • Viral infections
  • And More... 
Check out our IV web site at

For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact us at the Hernandez Center at (650) 917-1121. A lot more information can be found at   

Pacific Naturopathic
The Hernandez Center 
for Adjunctive Cancer Care

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Mountain View, CA 94040
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In This Issue

* NEW: Saturday morning hours: Next Myers Cocktail party August 4

* Anandini Wadera, L.Ac. offers a new way of seeing, through acupuncture

* Dr. Connie muses on traditional naturopathic medicine

* Dr. Marcel: Cancer and chronic illness: perspec-tives that work!

* Dr. Connie:  Simple therapies that really work!

* Our recommended product: CBD oil balm

* IV therapy: Glutathione

  * Jane H: Why experience hypnosis?

About food: Dr. Marcel's faux meatballs

  * Breast thermography

 * Hawaii retreat: volcano update
Hernandez Center: News and Commentary on Cancer Topics
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* What we offer at the Hernandez Center

* Can Vitamin C lower stomach and colorectal cancer risk?
* Can intermittent fasting help prevent or beat cancer?
* Benefits of turmeric for cancer treatment

*Other IV therapies offered in our clinic

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The Hernandez Center 
for Adjunctive Cancer Care
1580 W. El Camino Real, Suite 7 Mountain View, CA 94040
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