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April 2020

Thank You for Being the Helpers! 
From Mary Spaeder, Therapy Director
Kelly Alvord, Therapy Resource for Sunstone, sent the below Mr. Rogers quote in an email, and it sure reminded me of all of you.  Thank you for being the helpers, the light, the “reason to live” for our patients and residents . I can’t help but think of my mom during this time, and how she relied on therapy to be her sunshine and joy when she was doing her rehab at Southland Care Center. This is her on the right with our amazing COTA, Dodgie Frankera, who has been helping patients thrive at Southland for 20 years. Her smile embodies the love and happiness that you bring out in your patients every day, especially now when they are isolated from family. 
We Got This!
Submitted by Mira Waszak, Therapy Resource for Mina Thekkethala, DOR at Redmond Rehab in Washington
Smiles and great attitudes from Nancy, SLP and Dhanya, COTA. 

You are all Essential Healthcare Workers! 
Miracles Among Us - The Wedding Story Submitted by Brandon Lane, MSHR, SPHR, HR Resource, Milestone
With all that is going on in the world right now it is more important than ever to recognize the many miracles that are taking place around us. I would like to share one with you.  
On Monday, March 16th, I had the privilege to be at Draper Rehab. As you know by that time we had closed off any visitation to residents to protect them from this virus. That afternoon Spencer received a call from the local bishop asking if a blessing could be given to one of the recent admits who was on hospice. Spencer asked me to join him and we went to the patient's room. The patient sat in her bed next to the window, alone in the room. We stood at the side of her bed and listened as she shared her concerns with us. Her daughter was getting married that weekend, and now, with the current restrictions in place, she would not be able to be there. We tried to reassure her that maybe these restrictions would be over soon and she could still be there if they postponed it for her. We would do our best to communicate with the family and gave her the blessing she requested.  
The next day, Tuesday March 17th, Spencer was informed that the daughter of this patient was waiting for him outside the lobby. He spoke with them for a while and then, upon returning, stated, “we are going to have a wedding at Draper Rehab!”  
On Saturday, March 21st, this dear hospice patient, whose dying wish was to see her daughter get married, sat up in her bed and watched while just outside of her bedroom window her daughter was married.  On Monday, March 23rd, the patient passed away.
I will be forever grateful for the small miracles that take place all around us, and that we are a part of each and every day, when we love and serve others. 
Timberwood Strong!
Submitted by Agatha Pedro, OT/DOR, Timberwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Livingston, TX
Our Administrator made us smile today!
Connecting Residents With Family
Submitted by Robbie Bullough, ED, The Healthcare Resort of Leawood, Leawood, KS
I wanted to share what our social services director and activities director are doing today to help connect our residents with their loved ones while they can’t visit with them. They have created message boards and are going around to each of the residents and asking them what they would like to share with their loved ones. They are writing the messages on the board, taking the resident’s picture with it, and sending it to family members. The residents and family members are loving it and dry eyes are hard to come by in the office as we see the messages coming in from appreciative family members.

I love this team and the creative ways they are connecting our residents with their family members!
Sharing the Love at Shea
Submitted by Josh Prestwich, Chief Executive Officer, Shea Post Acute Rehabilitation Center, Scottsdale, AZ
Sharing some awesome culture out of Shea this week after over hearing some of the difficult trials that some Shea PARC families were facing with COVID-19. The Shea PARC leadership team jumped into action donating their time to put together a care package for each employee that included a lasagna they could take home And a message of hope.

What an amazing way to share our culture of LOVE ONE ANOTHER. 
The Southland Experience
Submitted by Carlos Pineda, CTO/DOR, Southland Rehabilitation, Norwalk, CA
The Southland Experience goes beyond what we provide to our residents. It is also how we make our staff feel. We are like FAMILY.

During this tough time, Southland embodies one of the core values from CAPLICO which is, “Love One Another.” We know some of our dedicated staff are working tirelessly and are unable to go out and buy essentials or when they do go out, it’s unavailable. Today, Southland started passing out uncooked rice and beans as well as tissue paper rolls to every member. Our staff is our priority and we want to make them feel as safe and protected as much as we can.

As Southland gave out uncooked rice and beans, staff members were surprised and expressed their gratitude. One CNA almost cried because she said that it made her feel appreciated and not alone. Another CNA described the feeling of being safe and proud to be a part of an organization that gives back to their own. Every grain of rice and every bag of beans symbolizes the overflowing love and appreciation Southland has for everyone. 
Customer Second at Keller Oaks, TX
Love One Another LCCC Style
Submitted by Julianne Levich, M.S., OTR/L, DOR, La Canada Care, Tucson, AZ
I saw online there is a movement involving people putting hearts on windows at their homes, and I knew it was for COVID, but didn’t know exactly what it was about, so I looked it up and it’s #HeartsForHealthcareWorkers to support all of us!!! I met with Activities and we made it happen at La Canada to show our appreciation! 

There are other hearts going up throughout the building, and patients are able to put them on their windows. The plan is to have the place covered!
Jenna Bielek who is helping us with our social media made the following graphic – inspired by our awesome La Canada facility in Tucson. It’s a nice way to spread the movement!! 
Connecting Residents and Families with Video Chat
Submitted by Meghan Short, MS CCC-SLP, DOR, Legend Oaks W San Antonio, TX
Just wanted to celebrate our awesome Social Services team who have set up 2 iPads with easy wipe cases and an iMac station in one of our rooms in order to help facilitate residents talking with family on video chat throughout the day. They have worked with each family member to set up either the iPhone, Facetime or Google Duo number in the address book of these iPads so it is super simple for our staff to assist with these conversations! Our therapists have also started incorporating this into our sessions with some of our aphasia and cognitive patients in order to use family to improve verbal expression and therapy participation. Talk about functional therapy!!
Lots of gratitude and joy to our team for keeping patients’ and families’ spirits up during this time!  
Community Pantry at Brookfield Healthcare Center
Submitted by Lito Ortiz, Therapy Resource/DOR , Brookfield Healthcare, Downey, CA
At Brookfield Rehab department we started a Community Pantry to help everyone with their needs during this challenging time.

❤ If you need one, take one
❤ If you have extra, leave one
❤ Pay it forward
Celebration Jackets at Orem
Submitted by Kelly Alvord, Therapy Resource - Sunstone
Orem is doing well with emergency preparation to tackle the COVID Virus and the earthquake by receiving their 90’s Club Jackets today for their accomplishment last month. They were above 90% Productivity in February. Those jackets look great and have “the 90’s Club” on their right sleeve. Congrats team Orem!!!
Lucky Charms at Northbrook
Submitted by Avonlea Gamble, OT, Northbrook Healthcare Center, Willits, CA
Northbrook staff is thanking each other for helping above and beyond, like staying over extra shifts, coming in to work on their days off and supporting one another on good days and bad.
Keep Sharing Your Stories on @ensigntherapy
By Jamie Funk, Therapy Recruiting Resource
I know you all have very full plates right now, but if you need a little cheer, check out our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/ensigntherapy/. Jenna Bielek has been posting all of the cool things you are doing for each other out there – and it’s truly inspiring. I am so honored to work with all of you — and am keeping you all in my heart as you deal with the COVID-19 crisis. We will send a gift card to the one who has shared the most – so take a few minutes to like and share anything that touches you!  
An Invitation to Global Coherence
We invite anyone who is able and interested to join us with HeartMath at 8:30 AM Pacific daily during this time. Totally optional! You can join for one minute or join for longer. We would like to use the “Global Coherence App” that is available for free to download if you are able! Here are the instructions:
  1. Download the free Global Coherence App
  2. Click the “JOIN NEW GROUP” at the bottom of the screen
  3. Our group is called CAPLICOwell
  4. Enter the ACCESS CODE: IndigoOcean06
  5. You don’t need a sensor! You can join with or without a sensor.
When you start the session and click on “map,” you can see everyone around the organization using the app! Read On... 
Taking Care of Ourselves
Don’t Let Shelter in Place Shelter You from Staying Active
By Brian del Poso, OTR/L, CHC, RAC-CT, Therapy Resource
Through this difficult time, all of us are doing what we can to pitch-in while at the facility, or remotely for those of us who can’t go to our facilities at the moment. With the stress of our jobs, schools being closed, scavenging for groceries, etc., it’s easy for us to forget about taking care of ourselves or make excuses for why we can’t take care of ourselves right now. We tell ourselves “I’m too tired from my crazy day;” “I have to find something for my kids to do;” “The gyms are all closed;” “If I don’t read all of Mary’s Covid-19 e-mails right at this moment, I won’t be prepared for tomorrow” (yes people, it’s sarcasm)…well, STOP IT! Yup, a Bob Newhart reference, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this clip here. I promise, it’ll brighten your day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow0lr63y4Mw Read On...
In Room Treatments -
Creative Therapy Solutions
 Submitted by the Keystone Therapy Resources
Here are some in room therapy treatment suggestions from our Keystone Resources:
  •  "Boxing" while supine in bed to work on trunk rotation, rolling side to side for bed mobility, UE strength and activity tolerance. Add weights if appropriate
  • "I Spy" game for word finding/verbal reasoning goals;
  • Bird identification out the window. Laminate photos of birds/ scavenger hunt looking out window
  • Cleaning the bathroom mirror
  • Decorating or making a calendar for orientation
  • Decorating the room
  • Drawing, window painting/drawing,
  • Fall recovery
  • Fold laundry.
  • Game cards and play this while standing to add cognition component in.
  • Have a therapist in the hallway and have some residents in the doorway and do some deep breathing and gentle exercise!! Maybe have some questions to help have some conversation. Read On for More Ideas...
The 5 E's - The St. Elizabeth Story
By Dennis Baloy, OT/DOR, St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Rehabilitation,
Fullerton, CA
Excellence. Empathy. Extraordinary. Engaged. Empowered
From St. Elizabeth to St. E! 
Yes, plain and simple St. E!

Why the "E"s? We have narrowed down the core values that each St Elizabeth employee embodies. They serve as our corner stones & foundations for each intention and action we make when we go to this second home we call , "St. E"!

The acquisition of St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Rehabilitation happened in May of 2019. The transition was remarkably successful but it did not come without challenges. Equipped with knowledge and guidance from our resources, we were ready for the speed bumps ahead; from changing guidelines of our managed care partners, new state and federal regulations to the Star Rating Data, onset of PDPM and many more. Our relentless, action-oriented and fearless yet compassionate leaders, Rand (Administrator) and Mady (Director of Nursing), knew that the only way to achieve these things is staying the course toward our true north—that of providing the best individualized care to all our residents while continuing to embody the CAPLICO values toward one another. Read On...
By Kelly Alvord, Therapy Resource - Sunstone
You might be doing this already, but I’ve found this very beneficial to me and hopefully our market. Twice a week, our MDS Resource, Clinical Resource and ML (if he can), and I get on a webex, look at a patient in a facility and look at their MDS and PDPM score. We look for opportunities and trends. We send them our findings and “rabbits” and how to hunt for further “rabbits.”  
Celebrating Our OT's!
During the month of April, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) celebrates Occupational Therapy Month!

More than 213,000 occupational therapists, occupational therapist assistants, and students work nationwide to create fuller lives for patients and their families.

We give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our OTs, COTAs, and Students as we celebrate OT month!
THANK YOU for the AMAZING work you do!
April is OT Month
Congratulations Asa Gardine, OT, a newly approved Chief Therapy Officer (CTO). Asa has been a long time leader in Sunstone and we’re super excited for this recognition. Asa is truly an owner and has impacted all of us in his role as DOR, Cluster Partner, Market Partner and friend. 

Congrats Asa, and we’re excited for you to continue your influence for many years to come.
Orem OT Medication Reduction
Submitted by Ryan Porritt, OT, Orem Rehabilitation & Nursing, Orem, UT
Occupational Therapy (OT) used non-pharmaceutical mindfulness based interventions (HeartMath and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to support a patient while the physician reduced anxiety medication that she had been on for years. The patient has several mental health diagnoses including bipolar disorder, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder contributing to frequent panic attacks and high levels of anxiety. Her independence and quality of life is further complicated by several physical comorbidities that exacerbate the functional impact of her anxiety. She has a history of significant trauma as measured by scoring a 9/10 on the Adverse Childhood Experience scales.
The following are the step-down dosages of clonazepam:
Starting at 1 mg 3x daily
Reduced to 0.5 mg 3x daily on January 21, 2020
Reduced again to 0.5 every 12 hours on February 1, 2020 to present Read On...
Highlights on Nursing and Therapy Partnership
By Sara Speller, DOR/OT, Heritage Park Healthcare and Rehab, Roy, UT
It’s the age-old conflict: team therapy versus team nursing. Personalities sometimes clash, and priorities aren’t always in line with one another. So how do we keep the relationship positive and make sure that everyone is working toward a common goal of exceptional clinical care and customer service? 
As the DOR, I believe our role is crucial in fostering a positive working relationship between disciplines. Often I have found that it helps both teams when I get into a vulnerable place and take accountability for the tendency to be negative instead of attempting to understand the struggles and stressors of each discipline. As management staff, we have the responsibility of leading by example, treating everyone with respect and loving one another. 

At Heritage Park Healthcare and Rehab, the therapy team wanted to make sure the nursing department knew just how grateful we are for all their hard work. For Valentine’s Day, we made the rounds and handed out festive colored tumblers filled with candy and water additives. We made sure to mention that we are thankful for them and their careful attention to the residents’ needs. The response was very positive, and we saw immediate progress toward mutual understanding and help on the floor. Our plan is to continue with small thoughtful gifts and kind words to continue to foster a human experience with our staff. 
Ensign's First Ever TEACHA Workshop
Submitted by Heather Bjernudd, Therapy Resource - SC
In the beginning of March, about 30 of us, including PT’s/OT’s/COTA’s/SLP’s and Resources from across the country came together at our service center with the amazing trainers: Gina Tucker-Roghi and Amanda Grace. For two fun, filled days, we attended the Therapy Expert for the Abilities Care Holistic Approach (TEACHA) certification program. We learned through our pre-workshop planned presentations about key elements to the Abilities Care Program. We dove into clinical and financial cost benefit analysis and return on investment and much, much more. To say we learned a lot is an understatement! A huge shout out to Clay Christensen who spent a few hours with us on training the trainer. We are now the first team of Abilities Care TEACHA’s.

The Abilities Care Program is a fantastic resource that will allow our therapy teams to provide interventions to enhance the lives of patients/residents dealing with dementia with person-specific meaningful activities and to assist our facility members in understanding how to facilitate the best individualized care. 
Celebrating the Lunar
New Year
By Tru Thuytien, OT, Legend Oaks Healthcare & Rehabilitation, Austin, TX
January 25, 2020, begins our Lunar New Year, year of the rat. The countries that celebrate Lunar New Year are: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam. There are five main activities in which one celebrates Lunar New Year: 1) putting up decorations, 2) eating reunion with family and friends, 3) firecrackers and fireworks, 4) giving red envelopes and other gifts, and 5) honoring and praying for the deceased.

Legend Oaks of North Austin is proud to celebrate multicultural events such as Lunar New Year. We have several residents who are Vietnamese and Chinese, so this is a very sacred festival for them. 

My recollection of this holiday as a child is that I got a red envelope with money from my parents and godparents, played with firecrackers, ate, went to big fairs and played with other children, and was carefree. This is a sacred holiday for the adults because the parents teach their children about almsgiving (giving out red envelopes containing money), and honoring the deceased, whether it is their parents, grandparents or their loved ones at the Temple, church or home. 

The red color clothing or décor is from the Chinese heritage, and the yellow color clothing or décor is from the Vietnamese, so you may see both during this time. The firecrackers producing loud noises ward off evil spirits. The Chinese and Vietnamese are superstitious, so there are many taboos and you have to participate in things that will bring good luck.

I am fortunate to be Vietnamese by birth, and American by God's decree since I was rescued after the Fall of Vietnam to come to America. The Chinese ruled Vietnam for 1,000 years, which is why we have Chinese Heritage. I am honored to bring this festive event to our residents because it made them very happy, and they in turn are proud to share this honored tradition with other residents who are non-Asian. Our facility is a multicultural environment, and this event brings awareness to our caregivers as well as our residents.  
Teresa Sisk COTA (L) and Estella Truong OTR (R) pose with one of the residents. Estella is wearing a Vietnamese traditional gold dragon print outfit.