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There Are Lions in the Streets in Mansfield
Not only are there Lions on the streets of our town, but they used to stop traffic at the intersection back when Routes 6 and 15 met in the middle of town.

Several members of the Mansfield Lions Club came in for a visit recently as they prepare to celebrate their 80th anniversary in October 2020. The Lions Club is a community service organization. Present members, Jerry Rumsey, Dave Fleisch, Sylvia Snyder Crossen, and Deb Colegrove told us the ways they earn money and the ways they use it to benefit the community.
We also looked at the program from the charter meeting of October 1940 and reminisced about some of the early members.

You may see some of these Lions out on Route 15 with garbage bags cleaning up tossed out trash.

They have been very active in the new swimming pool project.
Upcoming Events

September 14 - MHS Class of 1964 Reunion Time at The Museum of Us - 4 PM
September 28 - Heritage Day -2 PM at the Museum of Us - Bonnie Kyofski Telling Stories
Bonnie Kyofski is a member of several Tioga-Potter county pioneer families – all devoted to our beautiful region and addicted to storytelling. Mostly farmers, loggers, and teachers, this early generation shared their access to the history of the region through songs and stories. Recruited as an English and Education professor to the Louisville branch of the University of Kentucky, Bonnie joined into the Corn Island Storytelling Festival and was stunned to find relatives of her grandmother’s stories as features in this southern Appalachian spin-off of the National Storytelling Festival. Those “Grandma” stories had been recognized earlier by the Pennsylvania Folklore Society, and when she returned to Tioga County three years later, they became the basis for her involvement in several statewide heritage appreciation groups as well as many occasioning classroom appearances and several publications.
Sharing the stories has remained a source of happiness for her many years knitting together her own heritage with the experiences of forty years of teaching in other cultures and in learning more about our own.
October 12 - MHS Class of 1962 Reunion Time at the Museum of Us. 1 PM
Reader Feedback on Mansfield Swimming Pool Article
I remember going to the Corey Creek "Hole" several times under the watchful eye of Kitty Loveland. Not terribly adventurous, never wading into water above my waist. When preparations began for the municipal pool, the stables used for horse racing &Tioga County Fair livestock still remained there & had to be removed. I recall the community en masse turned out for the event. Sledge hammers, claw hammers, crow bars & any number of tools arrived for the destruction to take place. We were about to destroy a place often accessed just to fool around. At age 9, going on ten, we kids could only help by picking up & carrying wood pieces to the loading site behind the FFA Building.

I can't for the life of me remember which of my friends decided we could help, but at that age my best buddies were Teddy Rose & Don Hughes. We took immense pride in saying we helped building the pool where we were to spend many happy hours. The three of us & John Mascho constructed a model of the pool down to the case of candy sold there, mounted it on a wagon & entered it in the Kid's Day competition at the Fair. Sadly, Bob Swinsick in a very decorative costume won the "Best In Show," much to our chagrin (Money was the prize). However, my father took our picture dressed in swimming attire, with our model, grinning, and it was published in the Elmira Gazette the next day. Take THAT Swinsick!
We had planned to have a pool of blue water in the large pan that was used as the pool. However, the "float" rested atop an old wooden cart, i.e. old wheels The parade started just past the Home Team dugout gate & followed a line across the ballfield, behind home plate, down to 1st base & then looping behind the stage back to the gate to an enthusiastic crowd? in the grandstand; I am quite sure mostly made up of parents. Well 2 or 3 steps into the ballfield most of the water splashed out destroying our "illusion" as we continued the parade, sans water.
Ah, the tragedies of youth. 
Mike McNaney
How wonderful to read the article about the Mansfield pool. I spent a lot of my final summers there before I graduated from MSTC and headed to New Jersey to teach school. The main reason was because I had taken life saving classes from Bill Bradshaw and then became a life guard there at the pool. I also was a life guard and swimming teacher at a Girl Scout camp near Lancaster, PA. and did the same in Sayre, Pa. and lastly at a swim club in New Jersey the summer after my second year of teaching in East Orange,NJ.
Always happy to read old memories of my hometown where I spent my first 20 years of life.------

Thanks, Marsha Earley Malinich ,Class of '50 from Mansfield High School and '54 grad from MSTC. Now living in Murrells Inlet ,SC.
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