A Horrific Story: But Cattlemen, Ranchers and Farmers Made a Difference
There Are Some Things Worse Than Dying!
This is a firsthand account of an experience that really would be worse than dying!  Cattle for Christ was there to help, but we would not have been without the support of Cattlemen, Ranchers, Farmers, and our other ministry partners and donors.  This crisis is growing everyday and we need you to do something to help us in this work!  What would you want others to do for you if this was your story? 
It was just after midnight when the door was kicked in and heavily armed ISIS terrorists flooded their home.  These parents and their six young children who were all asleep, were beaten and forced into one room where they were ordered to their knees with rifles and swords at their heads.  "We know you are Christians: You can either reject Christianity and convert to Islam, pay a fine, leave your home and everything you own except what you can carry on your back, or you will all die by the sword!  You have 30 minutes to make up your mind."  (The required Jihad fine was more money than the family owned.)

When I entered the modest dwelling of this family in their new country of refuge, the father was crying when I walked in and still crying when I left as he shared his family's story with me.  You will notice in the picture that only five children are present, but there were six!   

Just as the family gathered up all the belongings they could carry on their backs.....
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