Wit and Wisdom 214 | April 2018
There Really Is Nothing Missing
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What makes you feel you're not doing enough? Apart from just about everything really.

Not enough exercise, eating the right food, keeping a clean and clutter-free home, zapping through your to-do list, keeping up with the news, friends and exploring new hobbies and all that other unnecessary stuff that distracts us daily.

Sometimes our lives can feel incomplete, like there's something missing or that we've overlooked; some nebulous important thing if only we knew what.  A sense that enough is not enough or an unacknowledged craving for wholeness. 

We can conceal this feeling with busyness, shopping, drinking, gambling or using social media but ultimately find that it's just papering over the sensation of “what else?” Like eating a wafer when your hunger is ravenous.
We want more but of what? Perhaps a greater connection with others, a sense of peace and “job done” satisfaction or knowing you are in the right place at the right time and all is well. The worst thing we can do is look through social media at other people's adventures, friends and fun times and feel somehow diminished by our own lot. 

Better work harder, step up, put things into motion and hit the ground running to get “there” wherever there is. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) has become a common social anxiety as though someone somewhere is having the life we wished we'd ordered  Life seems so full and sometimes so empty at the same time.

There is however a simple salve that fills those voids and fills that gaps like psychic cavity wall insulation if you wish to try it. 

It's called stopping and taking time to pause for thought. Looking around and being grateful for what is, what you have and for being alive. Trust that you are enough and have enough and then take a deep breath and breathe out all the weeds of woe and nettles of needs. Allow yourself to feel the discomfort of just being, of uncertainty of not knowing and of the crowded thoughts going on for you. In the middle of all that noise there is a place of infinite calm.
Connect with a sense of wholeness not only in you but in everything. Life is imperfect but its magnificent and you are a complete person connected with it. Allow yourself to feel whole and more than enough and to trust that you have nothing missing. Be excited about being and take that feeling with you wherever you go.

Build in times to pause, look out of the window, practice day dreaming and being still and grateful. You will find increasingly that you will need nothing to feel complete and all else is a bonus.

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