May 29, 2020
There is More!
Hi friends,

Just before Jesus ascended, he instructed his followers to prepare themselves for something more. So for the next ten days, leading up to Pentecost, they did just that, meeting to pray and worship.

This year we’re following their lead, using the ten days before Pentecost (May 31) to pray, and to let the Lord prepare us for whatever “more” of the Holy Spirit he would give. To help you in your preparation we have prepared daily resources: a video testimony, a brief Bible study, and a couple of songs. Use any or all of it that you find helpful.

And may we together discover what more the Lord has for us on Pentecost!

Blessings, Keith
Lindsay Sherrard's Testimony
of Something More
A Scripture Lesson on
Something More: Acts 4:23-31
Peter and John had healed a lame man in the temple in the name of Jesus, and then been arrested for doing so. They were put on trial and released, and so the church which had been praying for them celebrated with praise. That by itself is a wonderful account of God’s goodness. But there was more – as they celebrated, the Holy Spirit fell on them in power (v.31). Unlike with Pentecost, this outpouring came unannounced. And even more surprising, many (or even all) of those filled this day had already been filled on Pentecost. So being filled, didn’t mean you couldn’t be filled yet more!

With the Lord, little or nothing is “one and done,” including the Holy Spirit’s infilling and gifting works. Have you had a time when the Spirit has come upon you afresh? Here the result was that they became even bolder (v. 31). What happened in your case?

Pray today seeking whatever more the Lord might do in you through a fresh outpouring.

Songs for Praise and Meditation
Like the Murmur of the Dove's Song
Elevation: There Is a Cloud
(Gentle rock)