May 23, 2020
There is More!
Hi friends,

Just before Jesus ascended, he instructed his followers to prepare themselves for something more. So for the next ten days, leading up to Pentecost, they did just that, meeting to pray and worship.

This year we’re following their lead, using the ten days before Pentecost (May 31) to pray, and to let the Lord prepare us for whatever “more” of the Holy Spirit he would give. To help you in your preparation we have prepared daily resources: a video testimony, a brief Bible study, and a couple of songs. Use any or all of it that you find helpful.

And may we together discover what more the Lord has for us on Pentecost!

Because this is our Saturday E-Blast to you, we’re including not just our daily preparation for Pentecost, but also our weekly preparation for our socially distanced Sunday proceedings. Those come just after today’s “There Is More,” including a link to this Sunday’s worship .

Blessings, Keith
George Greene's Testimony
of Something More
A Scripture Lesson on
Something More: Ezekiel 37:1-14
In Hebrew there is a single word (ruach) for Spirit, wind, and breath. Notice how often that word shows up in the vision God gave Ezekiel of the dry bones coming to life.

When have you been dry as bones spiritually? If you have come out of that dryness, what prompted the change?

If you could “prophesy to the bones” yourself (v. 4-6), what would you say to the dry bones of our church? And to your own dry bones?

Pray today about why you would want the Lord to blow afresh upon you, and about anything that would block the full force of that wind.

Songs for Praise and Meditation
Spirit Song
Fresh Outpouring
How To Be Ready for Sunday
We will again be livestreaming worship at 10:30 a.m., with a very small group gathered in Patterson. We hope you will join us in your home by  CLICKING HERE !

We hope that this small circle will be joined with lots of small circles in your homes, as you tune in via the internet to our livestream. If you miss the actual hour, the service will still be available to see later, using the same link.

If you’re gathering with a few others in your home or in a video conference group, consider using the questions below to prompt some discussion when worship concludes.

Even with the extra challenges of this Coronavirus season, God is blessing us! Please be in prayer for our networked worship this Sunday.

Blessings, Keith

Marinating in God's Word:
1 Peter 5:6-11
Here’s an easy summary of the gospel: the Good News says this, therefore do that. But not all Good News is easy news. And not all the “do that” directions are easy tasks. Even so, it’s well to know the Good News and act accordingly.
For further reflection on your own or in a small group, consider these questions:

  • Here’s a news report: you’re not God! What are some factors that set you apart from God? And here’s some more news: you are made in the image of God! What are some factors in you that reflect the One who made you like himself?

  • When you catch yourself worrying, what is the most common topic? How could you cast that anxiety on him (v. 7)?

  • In addition to telling us why we can be at ease (God cares for you – v. 7), Peter tells us that we should also be alert to perils. Why? What perils do we face?

  • Peter specifically mentions perils that come our way the devil. How do you understand the devil? Is he just a personification of an evil force? Or is he a real being? If a real being, what is he like?

  • The metaphor Peter uses here is ravenous lion (v. 8). How is that fitting? How have you experienced his attacks?

  • Peter tells us to resist the devil. How can we do so? What is the source of our spiritual authority?

Next Sunday is Pentecost, and we will focus on the Pentecost story in Acts 2:1-36.

Adult Discipleship
We are continuing our Zoom class, "Pneuma", which is taught by Keith Hill on Thursdays from 7-8:30 PM. To learn more and to get the link for the class please email Rachel Burns in the office at
The Ten Commandments
Please join us Sunday morning at 9:00 AM on Zoom for our class on The Ten Commandments. All are invited. For any questions please contact Tommy Nance at
The Book of Daniel
This Wednesday's Bible Study looks at Daniel Chapter 6, the story of "Daniel in the Lions' Den". Please contact Ross Anderson at if you'd like to join. Class starts at 7:00 p.m.
Daily Bread
Skip and Karen Thistle have been providing copies of Daily Bread for any who would use it for devotionals. But with most of us not coming into the church building these days, where we can pick one up, our distribution system has broken down. So Skip has volunteered to deliver a copy to any who request it. Thanks, Skip! If you’d like a copy, just call the church office, and we’ll get word to Skip.