Father's Day is just around the corner. Give Dad, or the father figure in your life, a thoughtful gift to show your appreciation. This GIFT GUIDE is filled with gift ideas for dad that are available for contactless curb-side pickup. We would be more than happy to gift wrap too (thank you for the kind messages about our Mother's Day gift wrapping!)
For those that can't decide what to get, we have added pre-assembled gift sets  at a savings of 25% off - available online

To all dads out there...
   Happy Father's Day!

Whether they be with us or departed - love for them lives on.
*Choose a collection of items to be gift wrapped together,
or purchase a single item.
* type "gift wrap" in the comments
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*Fridays (10-2) & Saturdays (11-1)
*It's really easy - just call when you arrive at the back door and we will place your order in your trunk

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Gift Ensembles - 25% OFF
Enjoying the Outdoors
Gift Set
Dad can enjoy the outdoors with this Gift Set.
*Twisted Tomato Bacon Ketchup,
* Gourmet du Village:
Craft Beer BBQ Sauce,
Beer Bread Mix Chili Cheese
Beer Can Chicken Seasoning
*SOS Outdoor Kit,
*Canadian Flag Flask

$70 Value for $52.50
Some Like it HOT Gift Set
For dad's who like a bit of spice!
*Twisted Tomato- ghost pepper ketchup,
*Gourmet du Village: Smoky Maple Chipotle BBQ Sauce and Chipotle Garlic Dip Mix
* Hot Mama's Horseradish Pepper Jelly
* Deb's Gourmet Dip and Seasoning: Rattlesnake, Jalapeno and Cheddar

$47 Value for $35.25
Beer Caddy Gift Set
A Gift Set perfect for beer loving Dad's. Includes:
*Twisted Tomato Ketchup (Dill, Chipotle, and Bacon)
*Wood caddy with beer opener
*Gourmet du Village Craft Beer BBQ Sauce,
*Wildly Delicious Badass Mop Sauce,
*Garlic Expressions Classic Vinaigrette

$74 Value for $55.50
Proud Canadian Gift Set
A Gift Set for patriotic Dad's. Everything in this set is MADE IN CANADA
*Deb's: Sriracha Cracker Seasoning, Bacon Ranch Dip
*Gourmet du Village Smoke & Spice,
*BBQ Scraper
*Twisted Tomato Dill Pickle Ketchup,
*Wildly Delicious Badass Mop Sauce,
*Hot Mama's Extra Spicy Mustard

$65 Value for $48.75

For the Car
These attractive, refillable car diffusers are a BEST SELLER at Crafted Decor. The high quality fragrances customers worldwide trust from Maison Berger are available for the car. Create your own gift set with:

CAR DIFFUSER CLIP - now you can buy your choice of high quality metal clip   separately, and choose a fragrance refill.

REFILL PACKAGES - contain 2 ceramic refill cartridges.

Recommended scents for men: Ocean Breeze, Zest of Verbena, Heavenly Sun, Oriental Star, Eternal Sap, Anti-Odour Pet, Anti-Odour Tobacco
Made in France
Ocean Breeze
Car Diffuser Set
A quality alternative to synthetic scented car diffusers . These attractive, refillable car diffusers are a best seller at Crafted Decor. A useful, high quality gift for anyone who spends time in their car.
This set contains the diffuser and one Ocean Breeze scent cartridge.

Unique Items for Dad
TRAPP - No 74 Tabac and Leather (NEW)
A NEW look for an old favourite - Trapp Candles now come in a larger format with a milk glass and modern packaging.

Dad will love the comforting blend of rich, smoky aromas. Within the calming incense lie hearty notes of tobacco and leather. Tonka and oud complete the earthy feel.
  • 8.75 ounce poured candle
  • Approximately 70 Hour Burn Time – 25% Larger + 20 Additional Hours than the Signature Home Collection.
  • Poured in an elegant vessel for a fresh, clean look. The vessel provides a radiant glow when lit.
  • Soy blend wax. Paper/cotton, zinc-free wicks
USB Arc Lighters - The Evolution of Ignition
Flameless + Windproof + Rechargeable

  • No fuel or butane
  • 100 ignitions per charge
  • Over 100 recharges
  • Charge it like a cell phone
  • Eco-friendly and easy to use

Ignite candles, campfires, BBQ, gas stoves, incense, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and more.
The Pitmaster (PREORDER for shipment arriving June 18)
The Sleek (PREORDER for shipment arriving June 18)
Dammit Dolls have never been more useful than the present for getting rid of stress. Dad can slam and whack his tension away right from the comfort of home. Also great as a gift for those working in high stress jobs: nurses, doctors, hospital workers, grocery store workers, essential services, frontline workers, or anyone having trouble dealing with our current situation.
Canada, Eh? Snoozies for the patriotic dad.
  • They are not socks and they're not slippers - sort of a crossover between the two
  • made with a brushed fleece exterior lined with a soft Sherpa fleece inside. 
  • soft, comfy, warm
  • have a non skid sole so you can feel safe wearing them on wood or tile floors. 
  • keep feet warm even on the coldest of days. They work in warm climates too, where air conditioning keeps floors cold. 
  • fully machine washable and won't shrink.
  • sizes: S 7/8 , M 9/10, L 11/12
Discover wine's true flavour with Eisch stemware, a Crafted Decor  
BEST SELLER for over a decade  . These "breathable" wine glasses are designed to aerate wine, and maximize flavour profiles. Typical decanters take one to two hours to aerate, while Eisch wineglasses do the same within minutes, allowing the individual aroma and bouquet of your vintage to fully develop, and remove the bitter tannins.
Eisch crystal stemware are crafted of lead-free crystal and undergo a unique oxygenization treatment that strongly accelerates the reaction of the wine with atmospheric oxygen.

Dad will get to enjoy the full flavour of a bottle of wine without having to wait for decanting.
You may already be familiar with 4Ocean through their huge social media presence. Wearing the 4ocean Bracelet instantly identifies you as a member of the clean ocean movement and symbolizes your commitment to a plastic-free ocean.

  • Cord made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, including less than 5% reclaimed ocean plastic
  • Clear glass beads made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass bottles, including less than 5% reclaimed ocean glass
  • Stainless steel 4ocean charm
  • Hand assembled in Bali
  • Unisex, waterproof design
  • Your bracelet purchase helps fund the effort to clean the oceans (one pound of trash is pulled from the ocean and coastlines for every product purchased)
For the Dad who needs a little self-care, comes a skincare range by two men straight from their farm in Sharon Springs, NY.
Made from farm fresh ingredients and goats milk.
Foaming Face Wash
Drop the single-use plastic and give your hair a boost. This hand-cut bar uses activated charcoal to strengthen hair follicles and absorb oil. Shampoo comes in a 3 ½ oz bar.
Charcoal Face Scrub
Fine exfoliating scrub leaves skin immaculately cleansed, soft and polished. Real sugar crystals, charcoal, goat milk, and powerful anti-oxidants deep cleanse & purify. Charcoal purifies skin to balance and tone. 

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks
As always, Sid Dickens plaques commemorate special people and events in our lives. Whether hung on a wall, or displayed on a stand, they are an expression of your sentiment.

Each tile is hand-made in Canada, and has a sentiment expressed on the back. We endeavour to stock all current and a large assortment of retired tiles, so you can find the one that is just right for dad.

While some of our retired tiles are available to purchase online, please call the store to purchase current collection tiles.
T349 King of the Forest
Wise one, standing tall
One to look up to, To care for us all.   
SP06 Dad
Your love and support is the foundation of my strength and courage, leading me to the path of endless possibilities.
T447 Honour 
Respected and held in the highest esteem; the product of integrity and truth.
T393 Resilience
Retiring June 30th
Brilliant light that illuminates the sky, you are my force and strength upon which I hold so close.

Backyard / BBQ Ideas
*Made in Canada, family owned businesses

Contact Crafted Decor to order any of the gourmet items featured 905-567-9795
Cleaning your barbecue grill with  wire bristle brushes can be dangerous .  Try the wooden BBQ scraper made from basswood – its safe, bristle free, durable - and proudly Canadian.
Check it out in action  here .
Back in stock - Locally made, Twisted Tomato ketchup makes the traditional hamburger condiment a thing of the past. The unique recipes blend gourmet ketchup with complimenting flavours to step up any BBQ or backyard party. Twisted Tomato would be a tasty addition to a gourmet gift set for him.

Available flavours include: Dill Pickle, Chipotle, Bacon, Ghost Pepper, Limited Edition Buffalo Dip

Wildly Delicious
Smoked Sriracha & Roasted Garlic Mop Sauce
This BEST SELLER was awarded the Sofi Gold Award for the Best Barbeque Sauce of 2018 by the Specialty Food Association. The heat of sriracha sauce with the sweetness of roasted garlic and a hint of hickory smoke to create a rich, thick sauce that’s bound to become your new grill-go-to.

Gourmet du Village
Craft Beer BBQ Sauce
Everyone’s favourite is back with a slight twist, using a sightly darker “Craft Beer”, the best just got better. 
Gourmet du Village
Smoky Maple Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Great Canadian sweet taste of maple with a kick of Chipotle peppers. Not too hot, to everyone’s taste
Wildly Delicious
Korean BBQ Short Rib Grilling Sauce
Winner of the 2019 Gold Sofi for best BBQ sauce. Wonderfully sticky, deliciously sweet and sour , this sauce makes the humble short rib a memorable eating experience. Simply marinate beef short ribs, cut about 0.5 cm (0.25 in) thick, in sauce for 30 minutes to an hour prior to grilling. Grill on high to desired doneness and baste liberally with fresh sauce prior to serving.
Starting off with a family recipe handed down from Mama and Grandmama in Jamaica for Spicy Red Pepper Jelly; this Orillia based business has been making spicy artisanal gourmet condiments since 2005. They still make their products exclusively from Scotch Bonnet Peppers imported from Jamaica as well as heirloom varieties they grow themselves. Made in small batches to ensure outstanding quality, their products are all natural and contain no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, as well as not added thickeners or gums.
Extra Spicy Mustard
This spicy XXX mustard is made with Canadian Brown mustard seeds and scotch bonnets...for a stunning horseradish type flavour with the lovely scotch bonnet heat and flavour. Great with all sorts of meats and cheeses. Full bodied and grainy.
Tangy Dill Mustard 
If you want that extra kick on your hot dogs, hamburgers,salmon, sandwiches and more....try this. The savoury and spicy scotch bonnet peppers add a unique dimension and heat.
Spicy Red Pepper Jelly
Perfect for cheese and crackers, hors d'oeuvres, basting sauces for meats, fish and poultry. Great as dipping sauce on egg rolls, spring rolls, samosas and much much more.
Spicy Horseradish Jelly
Spicy horseradish jelly is perfect for cheese and crackers, hors d'oeuvres, basting sauces for meats, fish and poultry. Terrific on a roast beef sandwich, on a steak and much much more.
A fantastic way to flavour saltine crackers. Just add seasoning package, oil and a box of saltine crackers, to the enclosed 2L ziplock bag and you have an entirely NEW snack food - from ordinary to extraordinary - overnight

No baking, no fuss.
Made in Canada
Zesty Italian
Garlic and Dill
Caramel and Sea Salt

In Other News....
THANK YOU to everyone for your excitement, inquiries, and visits since the announcement of street -front stores being allowed to open. However, Crafted Decor will not be re-opening until sometime in June.
I really appreciate your choosing to shop local and support small business. Your continued support and encouragement during this shutdown has prevented me from going into meltdown and to instead focus and adapt . During this COVID journey, I realized how inadequate our online platform is and we are in the early stages of upgrading to an entirely new inventory management system that will be integrated with a NEW online store - through a Canadian success story - SHOPIFY. This means no more cash
register, so everything in the store needs to be catalogued, and inputed to a new computerized Point of Sale system. This is proving to be a challenge and there are days that I am overwhelmed. but I keep telling myself to make lemon aid out of COVID lemons and there has been no better time to do this huge undertaking and staff training then when the store is closed.
As I navigate through all this, I really would appreciate your patience and continued support in the form of the CURBSIDE PICK-UPS. You can call and place an order, email , or order online and select pick up. For your convenience, there are now TWO pick up days: Friday 10-2, Saturday 11-1.

Wishing you all the best, stay healthy, and we look forward to your visit in the near future 😀🌤️🇨🇦⠀

New & Retiring
Sid Dickens Memory Blocks
The Sid Dickens Oceanic Collection breezes into summer, bringing the freshness of salty sea air, along with the comforting nostalgia and hope for the future that comes with it.
The Oceanic Collection is Sid's invitation to explore the serenity, magic, and mystery found in the depths of our world's precious ecosystems. See meaning sheet here.
Due to arrive by the end of June, contact the store to pre-order your favourite memory blocks.
sid dickens

Don't forget about the Sid Dickens Memory Blocks below
Retiring Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Pr-order your tile ($107+tx), our last shipment of these tiles has already been placed.
July 1st prices of these tiles will be $165+tx

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