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Shadow Rock UCC’s Golden Celebration Art Show Opening & Sale

Shadow Rock United Church of Christ has from the very beginning affirmed the goodness of life and celebrated the creative human spirit. Art, beauty, and a comprehensive view of life is a crucial part of who we are. In this spirit, we move toward closure of our celebration of our 50th Anniversary with the Golden Celebration of Community Art Show & Sale. This art show will feature artists from the Southwest, and many of whom share a connection with Shadow Rock UCC and the Moon Valley area. Also, on the day of the art show, there will be an interactive event for young artists and families to do together the day of the kick off.

This is a great opportunity to share some of the best of who we are with the community we are called to love and serve. The Art Show Team recommends that all of us invite four people to this event. In addition to the grand opening on Nov. 18th, 3-6 pm, we will have the additional days and times for viewing on Nov. 19th, Nov. 26th and Dec. 3, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM. Bring a friend, go to lunch, appreciate art, and be in good company.

What is a docent? It is a person who acts as a guide, typically on a voluntary basis, in a museum, art gallery, or zoo. It is a way to express an extravagant welcome to people visiting our campus. If you can be a docent for the art show, please contact Pastor Ken and Cindy Gattorna. Thank you!

There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. ~ Vincent Van Gogh

This painting is submitted by artist Suzie Black. Thank you Suzie and art show team for the taste of Arizona in the upcoming show.

Do not forget to buy your raffle tickets for the painting titled "Sunflower" donated by artist Kathleen Stuart. Kathleen is a long-time Moon Valley neighbor and her child went to the Shadow Rock Preschool many years ago. The painting is about the size of a sheet of notebook paper. The colors and energy pop off the canvas. Kathleen Stuart has donated the painting for use as a raffle item. We will sell raffle tickets at $5 each or five for $20. Buy tickets here! The drawing will be the last day of the art show which is Dec. 3, 2023.

Thank you, Kathleen and the art show team for the "sneak peek".

Susanne is also one of our featured artists for the Golden Celebration of Community Art, November 18, 2023. The painting above is titled "Egret".

Interview With Sanctuary Design Architect Susanne Rothwell Nov. 19th at 10:15 a.m. During Worship

Susanne Rothwell is an architect first and an artist hobbyist. She is currently working in North Scottsdale, with time spent in Flagstaff and with family in San Diego. With her paintings her primary medium is oil paint, with watercolor as a close second. Susanne loves to paint from nature, flowers, trees and birds providing common themes and inspiration. Both her building design and painting style reflect the warmth and outdoor culture of the Southwestern community in which she resides, while also tying in the fun-loving aspects of her Australian upbringing. As an architect, Susanne has received several awards and recognition in newspapers and magazines but considers happy clients who derive a lifetime of pleasure from living in buildings designed by Susanne to be her biggest awards. She designs homes, churches, and larger-scale commercial projects. In her painting, she finds joy in surpassing the bounds of physics that limit her architectural possibilities. It is the surprising location of windows that reveal an interesting view, or a grand opening to the outside that allows the exterior to be enjoyed from the inside that makes living art such as a house or church to be an artistic accomplishment. The use of wonderful and natural materials such as rock and wood along with moody shadows and complex elevations, rooms that are comfortable in scale allow for the buildings to stand the test of time, like Shadow Rock Church. Buildings and paintings that are well designed and well-built provide a good investment and a charming life style. Suanne’s passion for design can be felt in all her work, whether it is her architecture or her paintings. Suanne and her husband Ian are also proud grandparents to three energetic grandkids. She serves on the board of Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council and mentors a young female student doing architecture as ASU. Place article copy here. Be sure to make the articles short and concise as people tend not to read much more than a couple of paragraphs.

Looking for Coffee Chat Hosts for November 19th. Contact the Church Office.

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey,

you are welcome here!

Think and Pray How Your Support Changes Lives!

Our power to change lives comes from our commitment to be on the cutting edges of inclusion, justice, and spirituality. This power propels us into the next 50 years. Thank you for all you do and will do to empower the next 50 years. Renew Your Financial Support Here.

We are challenging ourselves to have the budget for 2024 completed by Thanksgiving. We need your help. At this point we have about a 17% response rate. Thank you! Let's keep going!

If you have a story about how your life or someone else's life has been positively affected by Shadow Rock, please share it with Pastor Ken.

Ways to Give


You can donate securely online using a credit card, a debit card, ACH, or your checking account bill pay. Also, you can enter donations directly on the church donation page.

Check or Cash

You can mail a check to:

Shadow Rock UCC

12861 N. 8th Ave.

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or bring a check or cash to one of our services at 10:15 a.m. every Sunday morning, or bring it to our church office, or set up bill pay with your bank.

Planned Giving

To discuss planned giving or other giving options, please contact our pastor, Rev. Ken Heintzelman, by emailing [email protected] or calling the church office at 602-993-0050. This is a way to extend Shadow Rock values, vision, and mission into the future. FYI, we have also been blessed with gifts of stock and QCD donations. The mechanisms for this are in place and info is with our CFO, Heidi Zinn.

"We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us", Susan Wadell writes, "so just thinking that an opportunity to give a financial gift to Shadow Rock that would support ongoing ministries and honor those who have journeyed before us might be a part of our 50th celebration." Great idea, Susan!

You are invited to lift up the name of someone you remember being passionate about a specific ministry. This can be anything from Refugee Resettlement to Children’s Ed to Campus Care to Open and Affirming to Economic Justice. Name the person and the ministry to celebrate their passion and how it is being lived out today and in the future.

Submit your 50th Anniversary Honor Gift here.

This Sunday at Shadow Rock

9:00 am

  • Spiritual Formation for Adults in the Multi-purpose Room. We continue our study series about the politics of Jesus. Does his birth announcement offer any insight? Does the concept of Jubilee have implications? Is the forgiveness of debt a political move? Does the story of his temptations give us any clues?
  • Childcare is in the Blue Room, 9-11:30 a.m.
  • Spiritual Play (9-11:15 a.m.) and Sunday School (9-10 a.m.) for Children is in the Red Room.

10:15 a.m.

Worship in the Sanctuary. Come and celebrate!

The next Coffee Chat is on November 19th with the architect who designed our sanctuary, Susanne Rothwell. If you want to host, let us in the church office know.

11:15 a.m.

Sermon Reboot will NOT happen this Sunday after worship. Instead we will work together for the art show set up.

Scout Troop 426 Flag Burning Ceremony

November 13th at 7:00 p.m. Troop 426 will conduct a Flag Retirement Ceremony outside the sanctuary. It is open to the public. If you have a flag to be retired you may bring it to the ceremony or to the office at any time.

Dr. Cindy Hoard is a member of our staff as the developer of Spiritual Play. She is a published author and through her blog she offers words of spiritual encouragement. To connect with Dr. Cindy and her resources go to

Children's Spirituality Program is Coming and You Can Help!

We have been working hard to prepare for our new program of Spiritual Play and we are grateful for all the people who have stepped up to help. We are now looking for volunteers to offer coffee and hospitality for parents who may want to stay while their children are in Spiritual Play. Parents need coffee! Contact Dr. Cindy or Pastor Ken if you want to help with this facet of our new program.

We had our first Sunday with Spiritual Play. We have heard interest from the community but it seems many people are taking a "wait and see" orientation. We will keep working the program trusting it will bloom where it is planted.

If you want to be a part of the success of this program there are other jobs in addition to teaching. We want to provide hospitality for parents who bring their children. This provides a quiet place for parents to hang out, drink coffee, read, play on their devices, and have quiet conversations. If you think this is something that would give you joy for these 6 weeks, please contact Dr. Cindy Hoard (602-616-9682, or her email) ASAP to learn some more and explore options. 

What Am I Looking At?

You are looking at a very important hole in the ground. We had a major water leak last week and the source was under the sidewalk between the top of the stairs and the Cora Hanson Patio (Wedgeblade patio). The pipes represent a junction of plumbing of the main water supply line and then goes in different directions to different buildings and parts of the campus. We were quite surprised to discover the multiple lines and main junction under the sidewalk. The pictures represent before and after.

Sacred Sites Group Invites You to Visit Historic Immigration Justice Church Nov. 12th

Join us for this visit to sites in Southern Arizona on Sunday, November 12. Southside Presbyterian Church was started in 1906 as a mission to the Tohono O’odham (Papago) people. Since then, it has served Native American, Black, Anglo, Hispanic and other peoples. The church has spawned three moderators for the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, one of whom, The Rev. John Fife, will meet with us prior to worship to tell us about the history of the church and of the kiva-inspired sanctuary where we will worship. The preacher will be Alvaro Enciso who leads a sacred ministry to place crosses at the death sites of migrants. He will meet with us after worship. Then we will have lunch and travel to San Xavier Mission where Father Eusebio Kino established an outpost to the Papagos in 1697.

To register, contact Arlene Dominguez at 602-882-0967

or [email protected]. We will depart from the church

parking lot at 6:45 am and plan to return around 5:00.

We will share gas expenses and will each pay for our own